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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (November 1, 2012)

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A fair-exchange e-payment protocol for digital products with customer unlinkability. Yen, Yi-Chung; Wu, Tzong-Chen; Lo, Nai-Wei; Tsai, Kuo-Yu Report 12921
A Hadoop-based multimedia transcoding system for processing social media in the PaaS platform of SMCCSE. Kim, Myoungjin; Han, Seungho; Cui, Yun; Lee, Hanku; Jeong, Changsung Report 8008
Chatting pattern based game bot detection: do they talk like us? Kang, Ah Reum; Kim, Huy Kang; Woo, Jiyoung Report 6477
Data security in unattended wireless sensor networks through aggregate signcryption. Babamir, Faezeh Sadat; Eslami, Ziba Report 9036
Development of state-based squeak and an examination of its effect on robot programming education. Aoki, Hiroyuki; Kim, JaMee; Idosaka, Yukio; Kamada, Toshiyuki; Kanemune, Susumu; Lee, WonGyu Report 8479
Diversity-multiplexing tradeoff analysis of wireless multiple-antenna cooperative systems in general fading channels. Xu, Kun; Gao, Yuanyuan; Yi, Xiaoxin; Zhang, Yajun Report 7864
EBCO--efficient boundary detection and tracking continuous objects in WSNs. Chauhdary, Sajjad Hussain; Lee, Jeongjoon; Shah, Sayed Chhattan; Park, Myong-Soon Report 7186
EP-MAC: early preamble MAC to achieve low delay and energy consumption in duty cycle based asynchronous wireless sensor networks. Oak, Jeong-Yeob; Choi, Young-June; Pak, Wooguil Report 3492
Increasing splicing site prediction by training gene set based on species. Ahn, Beunguk; Abbas, Elbashir; Park, Jin-Ah; Choi, Ho-Jin Report 7565
Isolation schemes of virtual network platform for cloud computing. Ahn, SungWon; Lee, ShinHyoung; Yoo, SeeHwan; Park, DaeYoung; Kim, Dojung; Yoo, Chuck Report 7509
Joint relay selection and resource allocation for cooperative OFDMA network. Lv, Linshu; Zhu, Qi Report 6648
Mobile junk message filter reflecting user preference. Lee, Kyoung-Ju; Choi, Deok-Jai Report 6814
Online games traffic multiplexing: analysis and effect in access networks. Saldana, Jose; Fernandez-Navajas, Julian; Ruiz-Mas, Jose; Casadesus, Luis Report 9579
Stakeholder conflict resolution model (S-CRM) based on supervised learning. Jeon, Chang-Kyun; Kim, Neung-Hoe; Lee, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Taek; In, Hoh Peter Report 4933
The effects of syllable boundary ambiguity on spoken word recognition in Korean continuous speech. Kang, Jinwon; Kim, Sunmi; Nam, Kichun Report 6763
The insights of localization through mobile anchor nodes in wireless sensor networks with irregular radio. Han, Guangjie; Xu, Huihui; Jiang, Jinfang; Shu, Lei; Chilamkurti, Naveen Report 6353

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