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KSB to showcase latest solutions.

Germany's pumps and valves maker KSB Aktiengesellschaft is set to showcase some of its latest products at ISH 2009 in Frankfurt in March. The company will feature its tried-and-tested Etaline recirculation pump series with new IE4 (super premium efficiency) electric motors. These motors meet the most stringent energy consumption requirements stipulated by IEC 60034-30:2008 (International Electrotechnical Commission), which came into force worldwide at the start of the year, the company said. "When using the PumpDrive variable speed system developed by KSB, operators of heating and cooling systems can save up to 65 per cent of the energy cost incurred for operating their pump. Thanks to KSB's dynamic pressure setpoint compensation (DFS) technology, the drive saves considerably more energy under part-load conditions than variable speed systems that maintain a constant setpoint." The company estimated that for a 15 kW motor, the difference in energy costs could amount to 1,000 euros annually. Elaborating, the company said an additional optional module enabled two drives to communicate with each other, allowing the user to operate two pumps at the same time with integrated sequencing control. "Given that both motors in a twin pump configuration can operate simultaneously, the Etaline Z really is a dual pump set offering a high level of redundancy. "An easy-to-read backlit display on PumpDrive permanently shows the actual speed and allows the user to adjust the speed and other setpoints locally. A PI controller, as well as digital and analog inputs and outputs for standard signals, support all the typical pump control modes. Motor protection functions are included as standard. KSB is the only supplier to offer this kind of motor-mounted variable speed system for pumps with a drive rating of up to 45 kW. Commissioning is just as simple as for fixed speed pumps." ISH 2009 will be held from March 10 to 14.

New level controller unit for pumps In time for the ISH fair, KSB Aktiengesellschaft is launching LevelControl Basic 2, a new cost-efficient control unit for monitoring and controlling either one or two pumps. The unit detects the liquid level either via a float switch, an analog sensor, an integrated pneumatic pressure sensor or a bubbler system. Depending on the motor power, the pumps can be started up either directly or in star-delta configuration. Phase and voltage monitoring, as well as monitoring of service intervals, are standard features of LevelControl Basic 2. The control unit is available in either a compact housing or a stainless steel cabinet and has a well-structured display which is easy to operate and shows all important information. The unit is optionally available with a rechargeable battery and charging unit for powering the electronics and the signalling equipment. This ensures the mains-independent function of both the integrated buzzer for high-water alert and of any horns or flashlights connected. Apart from its monitoring and safety functions, the new LevelControl Basic 2 unit offers comprehensive control functions such as control of a stand-by pump, functional check runs after idle periods or Atex mode. Phased starting/stopping if both pumps have to be started/stopped prevents surge pressures and minimises start-up currents. The robust electronics are designed to operate in a temperature range from -10AC to +50AC. Factory settings and the unit's ample connection space make for easy installation and commissioning.

New economical circulator pump In recent innovations, the company launched what it said was a new economical circulator pump for universal use. The new Rio-Eco B circulator can be used for the entire field of heating, venting, air-conditioning and drinking water. The material selection -- volute casing made of gunmetal and KTW-approved elastomers -- makes this type series conform to the 2001 drinking water regulation. "Thanks to its newly developed high-efficiency design, this circulator received an 'A' classification for its energy efficiency in heating, venting and air-conditioning applications," the company said. "The circulator's low power consumption is due to its good hydraulic efficiency, for example, achieved by a plastic impeller with multiply curved vanes and by the sealed suction neck minimising internal leakage losses at the clearance gaps between impeller and casing." The pump is driven by a synchronous motor fitted with a permanent magnet rotor, so that the magnetic field required in the rotor does not have to be generated by electrical energy. The rotating magnetic field in the stator is produced by electronic pole reversal, which also serves to adjust rotor speed. In part-load operation in particular, this makes for a considerably higher motor efficiency compared with conventional asynchronous motors. According to the company, the technology used for the maintenance-free wet-rotor pump saves up to 80 per cent in energy compared with a fixed-speed circulator pump.

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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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