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CLOSTER, N.J.-As it aims to take advantage of fast-track growth in the personal-care category, Krups has launched a three-tiered line of cordless dental products. The Krups BioCare product series, which will be targeted to department and specialty stores, includes the BioCare System, a combination cordless water jet and plaque remover; the BioCare Plus, a cordless plaque remover with a three minute automatic shut-off and the BioCare, a cordless plaque remover. Krups' pioneer effort in oral care marks the beginning of U.S. introductions in the category to achieve company growth, according to Krups' vice president of marketing John Nicholas. "Personal care is certainly an area that we see providing significant opportunity for us," Nicholas said. "One, because we're not there now, any business increase is incremental and also we're part of Groupe Moulinex, a world leader in small electrics. We're looking to take the best of its strength as a parent company and introduce products with help from the resources it can provide."

Although Nicholas declined to detail what those resources were, he did note that Krups could capitalize on its parent company Moulinex's other product lines not currently being marketed in the United States. Worldwide, Moulinex offers a broad line of small electrics and personal care appliances under both the Moulinex and Krups brand names. Nicholas added that new Krups personal care products were being developed name here in the United States and introductions would follow sometime next year at the earliest. He declined to name specific product segments. The BioCare line will be available on an exclusive basis at Bloomingdale's and Bed Bath & Beyond until the end of the year. The products will ship nationally to other department and specialty stores in the beginning of 1999.

Krups will concentrate on promoting the brand at the store level. In-store programs planned include a video and specific fixturing, as well as an in-store brochure. No national consumer advertising for the BioCare line is currently being planned, Nicholas noted. All products in the line feature a brush head designed to combine longer bristles with a compact brush head. The products also operate at a 110-degree rotation angle, allowing the bristles to cover a greater tooth surface than some competitive products, according to Nicholas.

Because of greater surface coverage, the brush does not rely as much on speed to remove plaque buildup and dental stains, Nicholas said. The BioCare System, the premium product in the line, features a water jet that runs at 1,800 pulses per minute and offers fingertip control of water direction. Able to clean areas where a brush or floss cannot reach, the product is useful for people with orthodontic braces, crowns and bridgework or consumers looking to trade up to a high performance oral care product. The BioCare System has a suggested promotional retail price of $99.99; the "BioCare Plus" is priced at $59.99 and the "BioCare" will be $39.99.
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Author:Eckhouse, Kim
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Sep 28, 1998

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