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 DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- KRUG International (NASDAQ-NMS: KRUG) reported today that its Texas-based subsidiary, KRUG Life Sciences, developed many projects for NASA's Spacelab Life Sciences mission which is aboard the shuttle Columbia, presently orbiting the Earth. Columbia was launched Oct. 18, 1993. The mission is to study the physiological changes that occur in humans during flight. These studies will also enhance the understanding of medical issues on Earth involving the immune system, red blood cell production, osteoporosis and electrolyte regulation.
 Under NASA direction, KRUG scientists and technicians have worked for months collecting biological samples, designing protocols and training Columbia's crew members to conduct the experiments in space. Before the mission, KRUG worked with astronauts to collect baseline data that will be compared to tests taken during flight and afterwards to better understand how space flighc?ts human function.
 KRUG employees monitor in-flight experiment procedures, troubleshoot in-flight experiments, conduct ground-based laboratory analysis of physiological samples and provide statistical analysis of data from the Science Monitoring Area at the Johnson Space Center.
 Special attention has been devoted to how the space flight environment influences the regulation of fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. Other areas of concentration include testing the air quality aboard Columbia, designing ways of storing blood and urine samples without refrigeration, caloric intake and dietary requirements for humans in space, the affects of space flight on the immune system and studying posture control and walking on Earth after having been weightless.
 Commenting on the mission James M. Vanderploeg, M.D., executive vice president and general manager for KRUG Life Sciences stated, "We are very pleased to be supporting NASA's Spacelab Life Sciences-2 mission as part of our on-going support contract to the Johnson Space Center. The new information to be gained from these experiments will advance medical knowledge in such areas as fluid and electrolyte regulation, osteoporosis and metabolic processes, among others."
 KRUG Life Sciences provides support services and technical consulting in life sciences research and development to NASA and the Department of Defense and other government agencies, and the commercial marketplace. Currently, KRUG Life Sciences is working with NASA's Johnson Space Center on a five-year contract which includes research and development for ground-based, Space Shuttle and Space Station projects. KRUG Life Sciences also has a five-year contract with Brooks Air Force Base for acceleration and altitude physiology research.
 Through its three businesses -- Life Sciences and Engineering Services in the U.S.; Leisure Marine Distribution and Housewares Manufacturing in the U.K. -- KRUG International provides government, industry and consumers with a wide variety of products and services.
 KRUG International common shares are traded on the NASDAQ National Market System, symbol KRUG, Wall Street Journal OTC National Market issue, symbol KRUG.
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Date:Oct 21, 1993

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