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KROHNE is a global technology leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of measuring instruments for process industries. With headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE employs over 2,000 employees in 30 companies worldwide. KROHNE, Inc., based in Peabody, Massachusetts, is responsible for North American sales, service and distribution.

Company History and Milestones

In 1921, Ludwig Krohne began production of variable area flowmeters. In 1949, Krohne's grandson, Kristian Dubbick joined the company and grew it from an initial workforce of eight people to become a worldwide leader in the field. In 1952, KROHNE developed the first electromagnetic flowmeter for industrial applications. In the early 1980's, KROHNE was responsible for developing the first dual-beam ultrasonic flowmeter and the world's first ceramic measuring tube for electromagnetic flowmeters. The 1990's saw the introduction of microwave radar (FMCW) level gauges for process tanks and the first straight-tube Coriolis mass flowmeter. The most recent product introductions feature state of the art developments in magmeters, radar and TDR level and ultrasonic flow, clearly setting KROHNE apart as a leader of innovation.

Industries and Applications

KROHNE measuring instruments are used extensively in the food industries, water and wastewater, off and gas, pulp & paper, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. The OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters, UFM 3030 ultrasonic flowmeters, and OPTIMASS Coriolis Mass flowmeters are used extensively to accurately monitor and measure the flow of liquids and gases through pipelines. The OPTIWAVE and OPTIFLEX level meters are used for accurate measurement of liquids in tanks and vessels. Designed specifically for custody transfer, the ALTOSONIC III, IV and V flowmeters are used in systems for liquids or gases.

Sales, Service and Support

Today, KROHNE, Inc. provides a full sales, service and support network for the North American market. Their innovative products are distributed through a network of direct sales personnel, independent representatives and distributors. In addition, a network of service providers deliver field service, repair and calibration capabilities. KROHNE, Inc. application engineers can assist customers in matching equipment to their specific needs and provide application and technical training, manage trial and evaluation applications, and provide start-up assistance to new customers.

KROHNE, Inc. also maintains a Technical Applications Support Center for assisting customers with product selection, ordering and troubleshooting questions. In 2005, KROHNE opened an Oil and Gas Division based in Houston, Texas to address the unique needs of the energy industries.


7 Dearborn Road * Peabody, MA 01960 * Tel: 1-800-FLOWING * Fax: 978-535-1720

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