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 NEW YORK, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- KPMG Peat Marwick, the U.S. practice of the world's largest professional services firm, is using its unmatched global capabilities and reach as the focal point of a new domestic marketing program to clearly differentiate itself from the rest of the Big 6 firms.
 The marketing effort, under the umbrella theme "KPMG Peat Marwick: The Global Leader," kicks off with a multi-million dollar first-year television and print image advertising campaign. The ads highlight the firm's portfolio of special services for current and prospective clients who are now or will be doing business abroad. The national campaign, which is planned as a three-year program, consists initially of two television commercials and one two-page print spread, all carrying the bold themeline: "Go global. But not without a map."
 The image advertising campaign, which was unveiled last night on high-profile television programs such as CBS's "60 Minutes," NBC's "Meet the Press," and ABC's "This Week with David Brinkley," and first appeared in print in the Sept. 20 The Wall Street Journal, was developed in conjunction with TBWA Advertising, Inc., New York.
 The television commercials dramatize unforeseen crises which occur in the regular course of global business dealings, underscoring the importance of a guide or "map." The creative approach is distinct from the advertising norm for professional service firms. The commercials feature only the voices of business people discussing transactions, while onscreen a parallel narrative intended as a metaphor unfolds.
 Both the print and television ads underscore the firm's international strength and strategic problem-solving capabilities on global business issues. Additionally, the print emphasizes expertise in areas including privatization, international tax, benchmarking, transfer pricing, market-entry strategies and stock exchange listing advisory services.
 Developing "The Global Leader" Strategy
 "In going through our recent Future Directions planning process, we conducted market research with clients and prospects which showed we needed to enhance the understanding of our global business expertise and capabilities," said Jon C. Madonna, chairman and chief executive of KPMG Peat Marwick. "We also realized that while we have had global leadership credentials for more than six years since our worldwide merger, until now we have not communicated those credentials in a way that differentiates us from the competition."
 Madonna explains the firm's aim is to become indelibly associated with global leadership in its profession. "This is a memorable advertising campaign which will play an important role in planting that distinction in the minds of our target audience: senior executives of U.S. corporations," he said.
 "The Global Leader" strategy was developed with assistance from management and marketing strategists at Delta Consulting and Trout & Ries.
 KPMG was the first domestic accounting firm to recognize the importance of global business with the profession's first international merger in 1987. According to the July 1993 issue of Bowman's Accounting Report, KPMG ranks first in worldwide revenues ($6.15 billion), number of partners (6,100), total staff (76,200), number of cities (819), number of offices (1,100) and number of countries where the firm is active (125).
 Madonna, a 25-year veteran of the firm, emphasizes that making "The Global Leader" claim requires more than simply having the most people and offices around the world. "Key to our strategy is having the resources and ability to deliver high-value services to clients worldwide, as well as a solid base of special services to address international business issues," he said. "Growing businesses need to go global, but it is crucial that they have a guide who can take them there successfully. KPMG is that guide."
 Unmatched Global Services
 KPMG executives point to the firm's impressive activities in privatization to underscore its global leadership. To date, KPMG has assisted more than 5,000 enterprises in over 20 countries around the world that have been designated for privatization in a broad range of industries including defense, oil and gas, light industry, heavy manufacturing, finance and agribusiness.
 In April 1992, KPMG was the first accounting firm to establish itself in The People's Republic of China. The firm is playing a major role in privatization initiatives in China, Eastern and Central Europe, the former Soviet Union and Latin America by helping to institute internationally recognized accounting standards as the first step toward promoting foreign investment in formerly state-owned companies.
 KPMG's international stock exchange listing advisory services are available to help companies make the transformation to public ownership. Noteworthy global accomplishments in this area include the firm's work with automaker Daimler-Benz, the first German company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange; Cemex, a Mexican cement company which obtained financing supporting its global growth strategy and also registered a subsidiary with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; and Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited, the largest of China's nine newly privatized companies. Just last month, Shanghai Petrochemical received stock listings on the New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges.
 Businesses dealing in two or more countries also face complex and difficult international tax issues, and require sophisticated accounting, tax and economic analyses. KPMG's global presence and knowledge in areas such as transfer pricing offers these businesses an unparalleled "map" through the maze of international tax issues.
 Madonna points out that global business issues affect businesses of all sizes, not just large multinationals. The firm's portfolio of special services is designed to help businesses of all sizes get a piece of the exciting growth opportunities that are developing around the world. "If your company is not yet global, you must at least be preparing to go in that direction, or dealing with suppliers or other key business contacts who are," he said.
 KPMG is the world's largest professional services firm with more than $6 billion in annual revenues. The Global Leader in providing accounting and consulting services, KPMG has more than 6,000 partners and 70,000 professionals serving clients through 1,100 offices in 125 countries. The worldwide organization of KPMG was created in 1987 through the accounting profession's first global merger, uniting leading firms from every region of the world under the KPMG name. In the U.S., KPMG partners and professionals deliver a wide range of high-value assurance, tax, international and performance improvement services to clients doing business in the following markets: financial services; manufacturing, retailing & distribution; health care & life sciences; information and communications; government services; higher education, research & other not-for-profits; energy; and personal financial planning.
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