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Koster Keunen USA

1021 Echo Lake Rd. Watertown, CT 06795 USA T 860-945-3333


Koster Keunen Holland BV

Raambrug 3 5531 AB Bladel The Netherlands T +31 (0) 497 36 10 10


Koster Keunen West Africa

Porte 72, rue N[degrees] 160 Hedzanawoe 02 BP 20909 LOME CITE TOGO

Company Description

Founded in 1852, Koster Keunen is the world's leader in natural waxes and wax technology. We specialize in the development, processing, and manufacturing of quality ingredients at each of our production sites. Our technological strengths include extensive knowledge of waxes, emulsifiers, esters and their derivatives. We dedicate ourselves to innovation, ethical sourcing, transparency and sustainability.

Our ingredient portfolio includes beeswax and natural waxes from around the world, esters, thickeners, emulsifiers and specialties designed to help the cosmetic formulator innovate and solve problems.

Key Personnel

John Koster--CEO

John Metaxas -VP of Sales

Core Technologies

* Beeswax

* Natural Waxes

* Emollients

* Emulsifiers

* Esters

* Exfoliating Wax Beads

* Functional Ingredients

* Organic Waxes

* Plasticizers

* Synthetic & Alternative Waxes

* Thickeners & Gelling Agents

* Beeswax & Wax Derivatives

* Wax Dispersions

Major Markets

Personal Care, Organic, Natural, Skin Care, Sun Care, Body and Baby products, Hair Care, Color Cosmetics, AP/DEO, Topical Pharmaceuticals, Treatments, Ointments

Major Product Lines

Natural Waxes--

Koster Keunen offers an extensive range of standard and specialized waxes. Examples include beeswax, carnauba, candelilla, rice bran, sunflower and orange waxes.

Kester Waxes--

A family of esters designed to provide emolliency, thickening, gelling and plasticizing.

Kostol Emulsifiers--

A collection of emulsifiers that include NF, oil-in-water, cationic, natural, non-ionic, organic and secondary emulsification options.

SynKos Wax Series--

A series of synthetic waxes with unique gelling and texturing capabilities. They can function like petroleum-based hydrocarbons while being more consistent and offering a lower cost.

Organic Waxes--

Koster Keunen was the first natural wax company in the US to receive the USDA certified Organic handling certificate. We provide organic waxes and organic emulsifiers.

Enhans Series--

A series of multifunctional wax derivatives designed for SPF boosting, moisturization and textural modification.

New for 2019!

Humanitarian Beeswax: The first sustainably sourced, NGO verified beeswax in the world. This program is estimated to affect more than 7000 people in rural areas of West Africa, ensuring a living wage for beekeepers and their families. It is the only beeswax that has a transparent supply chain, processing facility at the local level, and direct relationships with beekeepers. Why? Because we believe that ethically sourcing beeswax is the right thing to do.

Kostol ApiFree: A new, natural thickener and emulsifler designed for products that cannot contain PEG's or animal by-products. Launching May 2019.
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Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Feb 1, 2019

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