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Kony, Inc. has debuted version 5.5 of the Kony Experience Platform with general availability of the Kony Development Cloud. In version 5.5, Kony has added significant functionality features to aid enterprises in defining, designing and developing experience first mobile applications. Key enhancements include updates to its award-winning IDE, Kony Studio, improved Kony Messaging Services (KMS) and tighter integration with SkySync, which provides secure data storage and enables seamless synchronization with SAP.

Following this year's Gartner Symposium IT/Expo 2013, where Kony announced the launch of the Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud, the Kony Development Cloud is now available. Since being unveiled less than two months ago, the Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud products have been well-received by enterprise developers, representing thousands of downloads from global Fortune 1000 brands.

The Kony Development Cloud is a comprehensive set of products that provides Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) to develop and deploy HTML5, native and hybrid applications. Apps can be coded once in JavaScript and deployed to over 10,000 devices with one click, removing the burden of having to keep pace with mobile technology. New features in version 5.5 of the Kony Development Cloud include:

Kony Studio & Developer Experience Features

Based on an open standards architecture, Kony Studio supports thousands of APIs spanning UX/UI, device and utility features. With the latest version, developers have the ability to import custom widgets, use Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts, draw routes on maps and more including:

- Custom widget import Build custom native widgets and import them with a few clicks into the Kony Studio palette.

- Kony Studio support for Mac OS X Install and run Kony Studio natively on Macs.

- Selecting platform-specific content Choose the target OS platforms to show only selected platform content such as, widgets, properties, context options, skins, resources, and emulators, i.e. if Android is selected as the target platform, one will see only Android relevant content.

- Streamlined build automation Enhance the developer experience by adding the ability to double-click on the emulator or click on the Build and Launch option, to build and run an application in both native and web modes.

- Display and edit forked skins Support the ability to display and edit all forked platform skins in the Skin Editor window.

- Multi-step gradients Natively leverage drawing APIs to develop apps with rich multi-step gradients.

Kony Messaging Services

Kony Messaging Services is a cloud-based console now available with additional features to enhance the messaging/push notification channel, including:

- Campaign management Send multiple campaign notifications to targeted segments. A campaign is a series of operations intended to achieve a particular objective, restricted to a particular area or involving a specific segment.

- Geo-fence functionality Select a geographic point using latitude and longitude information and then create virtual borders around the point of a given radius. When a device enters or exits a geo-fence border set by policies, a push notification is sent to that device.

- Target segmentation Divide the target audience for push notifications into subset of recipients with common needs or common relevance for goods or services.

- Reporting and analytics Gain visibility in to the status and effectiveness of campaigns.

Kony Sync Framework

Kony Sync Framework is a multi-tenant, enterprise-grade cloud sync service that enables synchronization of data between any device or enterprise system. Like no other sync service, Kony Sync Framework now automatically embeds the SkySync library on the device. SkySync is an SAP certified add-in (inside SAP) that performs all the integration and interface management, providing the industry's most secure data storage and enabling seamless synchronization with SAP.

By bringing together everything customers may need to build and deploy multi-channel apps, the Kony Experience Platform simplifies and automates the software development lifecycle and delivers on the promise of cloud computing, said Sriram Ramanathan, CTO of Kony. Now, any organization can take advantage of the Kony Development Cloud to easily build, deliver and manage next generation, mobile apps across all channels for a superior end user experience.

About Kony

Kony is the fastest growing cloud-based mobile application development platform (MADP) in the industry with over 600 live multi-channel apps, serving over 20 million end users across 45 countries. The Kony Experience Platform is an integrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage multi- channel applications from a single code base. With Kony, you can deliver stunning user-first experiences, get to market faster, and lower your application TCO. Kony also offers a suite of ready-to-run B2E and B2C apps that enable customers to quickly extend their business.

For more information, visit or call 650/645-2211.
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