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KONG'S GONGS; Award-laden King Kong are promising to 'blow the roof off' with their new album. Kilted frontman Alan Nimmo chats to Alan Poole.

Byline: Alan Poole

IF the SNP get their way when they re-run that 'once in a lifetime' referendum in the next year or so, King King might need a genre reclassification - but for now the Glaswegian outfit can rightly claim to be one of the jewels in the British Blues crown.

That status was underlined last year when they carried off a stack of BBA prizes, including band and album of the year.

We're really this album, louder, more and more got the blow And having followed up that lauded Standing In The Shadows collection with their third studio album, Reaching For The Light, they are back on the road in this still happily united kingdom, stopping off at Warwick Students Union's Copper Rooms on Sunday night.

AlAN Kilted frontman Alan Nimmo - he collected the vocalist of the year gong - is typically bullish about his band's progress.

"We're really proud of this album," he said. "It's faster, louder, more energetic and more exciting - it's got the potential to blow the roof off.

"We couldn't settle with another album that was only as good as Standing In The Shadows; we've made a rod for our backs, because now we need something a few steps above. We're always trying to improve - and I think we've managed it.

"We were delving more into a classic rock style.

proud of it's faster, energetic exciting - it's potential to the roof off "I grew up listening to bands like Free, Bad Company, early Whitesnake and Thunder. The influences were starting to show during Standing In The Shadows and now they're really coming through. We've always had tunes that were smoldering and soulful. Now, there's stuff that's a bit fasterpaced, too. "After spending so much time on the road together, we've got real chemistry too. This band is like a gang. And that's how it has to be. We all want to take this band as far as we can; you want to sell as many albums as possible, and anyone who says they don't enjoy five-star reviews is lying. But most important is that we've got a great album that people can listen to and enjoy. That's what really matters - and that's the truth." ? For more information on Copper Rooms gigs, see / 02476 572 777.


We're really proud of this album, it's faster, louder, more energetic and more exciting - it's got the potential to blow the roof off ALAN NIMMO


Alan Nimmo reckons King Kong's latest album is their best yet

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