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Kodeos Communications, Inc, provider of the world's longest reach 10Gbps transponders, has launched the second offering in their line of optical modem transponders utilizing breakthrough advanced signal processing technology. The Kodeos Optical Modem 210 (KOM210) uses advanced algorithms to boost optical transmission reach to 150 km, leveraging built-in programmability to transmit in either traditional NRZ or carrier suppressed RZ format.

Kodeos' second optical modem increases its leadership position in performance by extending transmission reach to 150 km, while maintaining long reach transponder price parity. As metro and regional rings increase in size, the cost of the first line deployment increases. By leveraging Kodeos' advanced signal processing technologies, fewer optical amplifiers and dispersion compensating modules (DCMs) are required, substantially reducing deployment cost.

At higher data rates, links that were designed for OC-48 transmission may be limited by dispersion and unable to support higher rate traffic without compromising signal integrity. The KOM210's enhanced reach enables most of these rings to be upgrade d to include OC-192 without requiring DCMs and additional amplifiers.

"The Kodeos KOM210 reduces service provider capital and operational expenditures," said Jason Stark, president and chief technology officer of Kodeos. "Equipment vendors can upgrade OC-48 systems to support OC-192 data rates without reengineering their networks. Additionally, in new network builds, the performance of the KOM210 enables larger rings and more flexible engineering rules."

The KOM210 outperforms the competition by integrating advanced signal processing that enables metropolitan and regional rings to grow by 50% without additional dispersion compensating elements. Kodeos' optical modem technology is ideal for new networks and is also easily applied to existing regional and metropolitan routes to provide increased engineering rule margin.

About KOM210

The KOM210 is a compact optical subsystem that is designed to operate at 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) for distances of up to 150 km with under a 2dB power penalty. The KOM210 is a signal processing enhanced 300-pin multi-source agreement (MSA) compatible dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) module. It operates at ITU wavelengths of 50 gigahertz (GHz) channel spacing, at rates up to 12.5 Gbps for forward error correction (FEC). The module is available in PIN or APD receiver configurations and operates over case temperatures of -5 to 70 degrees C. Future enhancements to Kodeos' Optical Modem will include 25 GHz channel spacing, and wavelength tunability.

About Kodeos Communications, Inc.

Kodeos Communications is a developer of advanced optical subsystems that extend the distance between electrical regenerators and improve bandwidth efficiency in high capacity metro, regional and long haul networks. The company's core team includes engineers, developers and scientists from Lucent Technologies, Sycamore, Motorola, Tycom, Philips, IBM, Agere Systems and others. Kodeos Communications, headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, is privately held with funding from Jerusalem Venture Partners and Highland Capital Partners.

Kodeos can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 908/222-7807.
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