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 WIESBADEN, Germany, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) plans to publish the Kodak Photo CD Portfolio description language, allowing developers to incorporate Photo CD Portfolio authoring capability in their applications at no charge.
 Kodak described the announcement as a first step in its comprehensive strategy to enable users to author Photo CD Portfolio discs. The company said it expects to provide more details about the strategy next month at the Seybold San Francisco conference.
 Visitors to the Kodak exhibit here at Intermedia Europe (booth 9209) will see technology demonstrations of two software applications that output the script for authoring Kodak Photo CD Portfolio discs, a format designed for interactive CD-ROM publishing. Once the Kodak software is developed as a product, the company said, it will make the Photo CD Portfolio script language available to software developers free of charge.
 Kodak's strategy is designed to allow the broadest possible range of users to author Photo CD Portfolio discs -- just as almost any computer user with a compatible CD-ROM drive now can read and display Photo CD images, using Kodak software or Photo CD-enabled products from other companies.
 The Kodak Photo CD Portfolio disc, designed to serve as a CD-ROM publishing medium, broadens the applications for the Photo CD format. Users will create custom Photo CD Portfolio discs that combine images with text, graphics and sound. A programmed access or "branching" capability built into the format enables users to create discs that are interactive. Photo CD Portfolio discs can be played back on TV using Photo CD or CD-I players, or on computers with compatible CD-ROM drives and software.
 For creating Portfolio discs, Kodak plans to introduce two software packages. One product offers a broad range of options for designing individual frames, with simple disc-layout capabilities, targeted at desktop computer users who want to create their own presentations. The second software product would provide limited frame design options, and very sophisticated disc layout options, and would be targeted at multimedia publishers, service bureaus and others who specialize in producing disc presentations.
 Once these products are fully developed, Kodak plans to publish the Photo CD Portfolio description language. Kodak will not charge for the description language. As a result, any developer would be able to incorporate Photo CD Portfolio authoring capability -- the ability to output Photo CD Portfolio script -- into their applications. Kodak anticipates that a wide range of software makers will take advantage of this opportunity.
 After the Photo CD Portfolio script language has been written, additional software will be needed to write the discs themselves. Kodak first will perfect the technology with its own software product, to ensure quality and consistency. Kodak plans to license this software for producing Photo CD Portfolio discs.
 Kodak's strategy for authoring Photo CD Portfolio discs is in line with the goals of the Photo CD program as a whole: To provide Photo CD technology to the broadest possible range of customers.
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