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 ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Fourteen stock photo agencies have selected the Kodak (NYSE: EK) Picture Exchange to market images for lease to advertising agencies, publishers, and graphic design firms. These will be the first providers to market images through Kodak's new on-line imaging service network.
 The Kodak Picture Exchange links image buyers with images from some of the finest stock agencies and image providers. Expected to be available in the United States in the fall of 1993, the service will be among the first to provide quick and convenient global access to vast collections of images.
 Subscribers will access the Picture Exchange with standard telecommunications network and computer platforms, including Macintosh computers and the Windows operating system. Subscribers will have a choice of image search routines -- from simple keyword and phrase entries -- to sophisticated expert search routines using over forty image attributes.
 Benefits to Picture Exchange image providers include expanded market reach, 24-hour customer access, reduced risk of lost or damaged originals, and improved customer communications. Kodak Picture Exchange image providers also can respond to customers faster. The Picture Exchange image data base will improve archive management for image providers.
 Advancements in image telecommunications, digital storage, computing costs, and image digitization enable the Kodak Picture Exchange to be a cost effective image distribution marketing channel. Kodak's Photo CD technology is key to economic image digitization for the Picture Exchange.
 "We are delighted to have signed some of the most recognized image providers in the industry," said Fred Geyer, general manager and vice president of CD imaging at Kodak. "These firms are using the Kodak Picture Exchange to further improve the level of service they offer their current and prospective customers. Technology is changing the way people store, search, retrieve, and access images, and these providers are in the lead."
 The Kodak Picture Exchange represents Kodak's vision for a global image transmission services network, similar to text and data networks. It will link the suppliers of images, such as stock photo agencies, news organizations, museums, universities, corporations, and archives, with the customers they service. These include advertising agencies, graphic designers, publishers and researchers.
 Each of 14 photo stock agencies who have an initial commitment of between 5,000 and 20,000 images to the Kodak Picture Exchange are recognized as suppliers of some of the finest images in the industry.
 The Kodak Picture Exchange will allow people to use existing phone lines and standard modems to access images from their desktop computers. Subscribers will conduct fast on-line searches and will review and browse low resolution images. Once image users have selected the images they may want to use in an ad or publication, they submit the request to the appropriate image provider. This is done electronically through the Kodak Picture Exchange. The photo stock agency will negotiate image lease rights and prices directly with the image user, as is currently done.
 Software will be available for Macintosh and Windows users. Prices will be announced in the fall, when the service is expected to go on- line.
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Date:Sep 13, 1993

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