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The Kodak has introduced the Professional DCS 560 digital camera for professional photographers who require high- resolution images in a product that can meet their needs in a studio environment or in the field.

The newest addition to Kodak Professional's expanding portfolio of innovative digital cameras, the DCS 560 offers a six megapixel Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensor, a burst rate of one image per second, a flexible ISO of 80 - 200 and other unique features required by professional photographers.

Jointly developed by Kodak and Canon, the DCS 560 combines Kodak's leading digital technology and Canon's state-of-the-art subsystem and optics. The DCS 560 is an integrated single lens reflex (SLR) digital camera designed to let professional photographers digitally capture images using traditional photographic techniques, such as perspective control and swings and tilts. Using common studio accessories and Canon EF lenses, professional photographers will be able to accomplish the techniques of studio photography with this easy-to-use camera, which features almost all standard functions, including autofocus, automatic exposure, metering modes, flash and self-timing.

"The DCS 560 offers high-end productive shooters such as studio, catalog and fashion photographers with a digital camera that can accelerate workflow without compromising image quality," said Peter Jameson, director of digital capture, Kodak Professional. "The DCS 560's flexibility and portability provides new imaging opportunities to photographers normally restricted by the tethered nature of other high-end studio digital cameras. This, coupled with its high resolution, make the DCS 560 ideal for studio work, location assignments, runway fashion shows and food services." Other applications are portraiture, surveillance and aerial photography.

About The DCS 560

The DCS 560 provides studio and location photographers new levels of camera performance, including unique instant image verification and one-shot image capture, while combining the image quality and workflow familiarity associated with traditional imaging with the return-on-investment advantages of digital imaging.

With a resolution of 6 million pixels and an 18Mb file, the DCS 560 digital camera meets the needs of professional photographers in a wide range of applications and situations. Its features are ideal for studio photographers, and its portability and high resolution make it perfect for on location assignments, including runway fashion shows. The DCS 560's burst rate allows professional photographers to shoot images in quick succession to capture moving images.

The DCS 560 offers commercial photographers the freedom of a portable digital camera and the image quality of a high-end tethered camera. The proprietary Kodak CCD sensor delivers the high resolution needed for studio work, while the 35mm SLR camera subsystem makes the DCS 560 adaptable for current users of film cameras. Using the DCS 560, commercial photographers can make offset print photographs up to a full page when using a 150-line screen. And the 36-bit color provides rich, saturated color with detail in both highlights and shadows.

With the advanced histogram feature introduced on the Kodak Professional DCS 520 digital camera professional photographers can review the accuracy of the exposure in real-time. The histograms instant exposure review, displayed on the cameras LCD, increases productivity and lets photographers know when they have accurately captured the image.

Real World Applications

The DCS 560 meets the demands of numerous photographic applications, including print communications, commercial and portrait photography, industrial and manufacturing photography, medical and scientific imaging, as well as government, military and law enforcement uses.

Industrial photographers may use the DCS 560 for question and answer sheets, process and job identifications and bid submissions. Since the images are already digital, there are no costs associated with scanning.

For medical and scientific applications, instant access to images is critical. Although not intended for diagnostic use in the U.S., the DCS 560 gives medical practitioners access to high-quality images more quickly and cost effectively than ever possible with traditional film-based cameras. The camera produces clean digital images and can augment the medical and scientific fields in their daily imaging applications.

With the DCS 560, government and law enforcement agencies will be able to capture immediately and accurately aerial surveillance images for time-sensitive analysis. The DCS 560 can also be used for military officers portraiture.

Innovative Features -- 6 megapixel CCD delivers outstanding quality for a range of photographic applications.

-- Calibrated color response and white balance ensure the camera adjusts image color to match the light source.

-- Portability makes it ideal for field use.

-- 36-bit color (12 bits per color) for capturing color and detail in shadows and highlights.

-- Flexible ISO of 80 - 200.

-- Patented histogram allows photographers to verify exposure accuracy on the spot.

-- Burst rate of one image per second up to a total of three images.

-- Open Application Programmer Interface (API) lets third-party developers write their own custom software applications.

-- Color liquid crystal display (LCD) provides instant review of images.

-- Integrated SLR system based on the state-of-the-art Canon EOS platform.

-- IEEE 1394 interface provides major improvements over SCSI.

-- Dual PC card / removable media offers storage flexibility.

-- Removable batteries for easy transport and recharge (charges in one hour).

-- Improved 5.5 acquire software tools.

-- Voice annotation provides audio notebook to document specific shots.

Pricing And Availability

The suggested U.S. list price for the DCS 560 is $28,500. It will be available in October 1998 through authorized dealers of Kodak Professional products.

For additional information about the DSC 560 or Kodak Professional, call 1-800-235-6325.
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