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 ATLANTA, Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- KnowledgeWare, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: KNOW) today announced a trio of products that expands the Application Development Workbench (ADW) as a scalable, client/server development environment for building industrial-strength applications.
 These client/server-based products include the ADW/Workgroup Coordinator which supports team development through a LAN-based, multi- user encyclopedia with dynamic, real-time information access and update; and ADW/Workgroup Manager to simplify and control the development efforts of multiple workgroups.
 In addition, KnowledgeWare has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with R&O GmbH for the open, portable ROCHADE client/server repository. ROCHADE will provide control and management at the enterprise level for multiple ADW encyclopedias as well as access to information from other information sources such as third-party application development tools. In addition to the licensing agreement, KnowledgeWare and R&O GmbH have established a development agreement for joint design and development of future releases.
 The Application Development Workbench is KnowledgeWare's family of comprehensive, model-driven software development tools for analyzing and planning an organization's business requirements and data and process models. The Application Development Workbench then flexibly generates complex applications for multiple client/server environments from the same business requirements.
 KnowledgeWare recently expanded the Application Development Workbench's development of client/server applications in open environments by adding support for Windows as well as OS/2 Presentation Manager; expanded its database and design application tools to support vendors such as Oracle and Sybase; and automated the design and generation of network communications protocols for distributed processing such as LU 6.2, LU 2.0, DDE, and Named Pipes, among others. KnowledgeWare also recently announced the availability of its first UNIX- based version of the Application Development Workbench, generating DoD- specified Ada.
 Donald P. Addington, KnowledgeWare president and chief operating officer, said: "Almost without exception, the more than 5,000 companies who use our tools are accelerating their implementation of client/server environments. These announcements underscore KnowledgeWare's rapid expansion to provide scalable client/server application development environments for complex, cooperative processing systems to meet the changing business needs of our customers."
 The ADW/Workgroup Coordinator provides real-time concurrent access to multi-user ADW project encyclopedias in client/server environments to allow development teams to quickly respond to business changes in their organizations. An ADW encyclopedia is the central integration point for information from all ADW workstations and provides a consistent view of information for all members of a development team.
 For streamlined team development, ADW/Workgroup Coordinator supports workgroups in LAN-based environments and dynamically distributes real- time updates and changes to ensure that project teams are constantly synchronized. Multiple developers can concurrently create, read, update and delete information from a project encyclopedia. Each developer can simultaneously view the work of other project developers over the network. The result is that ADW/Workgroup Coordinator enhances a project team's productivity and greatly simplifies efforts by eliminating the need for most single-user ADW encyclopedias as well as the need for consolidations of those individual encyclopedias.
 In a related move, KnowledgeWare announced the ADW/Workgroup Manager to simplify and control the development efforts of multiple workgroups involved in large projects of hundreds of developers in client/server environments. The ADW/Workgroup Manager will provide change management, security and impact analysis capabilities for multiple project encyclopedias with two component tools: Visual Change Analysis and Change Control Facility.
 Visual Change Analysis will provide the ability to check a project encyclopedia out of a master encyclopedia over a network, and then to graphically review the changes made to the project encyclopedia before implementing them in the master. Graphical forecasts will streamline change analysis by eliminating lengthy textual reports that require user interpretation. The result will be greater control and easier propagation of changes.
 Change Control Facility will offer dynamic and proactive change management for large projects to flexibly match the needs of specific organizations and projects, encyclopedias can be secured so only authorized changes can be made. For example, to project data and enforce security, a master encyclopedia can be established, with corresponding "object ownership" for defining who can update a project encyclopedia. Although other developers or workgroups may access information, updates will only be allowed by authorized individuals.
 KnowledgeWare has signed an agreement with R&O GmbH for licensing, distribution and support of the ROCHADE client/server repository to Application Development Workbench customers worldwide. ROCHADE will expand the reuse and sharing of models, objects and other information across an enterprise for developers using Application Development Workbench and other KnowledgeWare tools because of its scalable, open and portable architecture.
 The addition of ROCHADE's proven client/server environment to KnowledgeWare's ADW information management products will provide an enterprise-level corporate data store for ADW information models as well as information from a wide variety of other sources. Organizations using the Application Development Workbench will now have the ability to control and manage complex information from many sources across multiple operating systems such as UNIX, OS/2, MS-DOS and Windows, MVS and VM platforms. The ROCHADE repository will provide ADW customers at the enterprise-level such information management capabilities as change control, versioning, impact analysis, customizable end-user reporting, as well as integration of information from multiple sources.
 "After an extensive evaluation, we chose ROCHADE as KnowledgeWare's client/server repository to provide open access to information across an enterprise's multiple platforms and operating systems," continued Addington. "KnowledgeWare is providing this scalable and portable technology to meet our customer's changing business requirements as they downsize and rightsize their computing environments."
 Werner Dreesbach, managing director of R&O GmbH, said: "The ROCHADE client/server repository is currently used by more than 350 customers worldwide. KnowledgeWare has such a strong presence among our customers that this agreement formalizes their use of the Application Development Workbench with ROCHADE as an enterprise-level client/server data store. We look forward to working even more closely with KnowledgeWare to design and deliver products for its customers around the world."
 In addition to the Application Development Workbench's scalable architecture, developers can design and modify their databases with ADW's modeling tools and then reuse those data definitions in applications developed with ObjectView via a currently available link between the two application environments. ObjectView is KnowledgeWare's visual development tool for rapidly creating Windows-based client/server applications that access multiple distributed databases. Developers can directly implement Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) from the ADW/Design Workstation into ObjectView. In addition, development teams will be able to store and share information between ObjectView and the Application Development Workbench via the ROCHADE repository.
 ADW/Workgroup Coordinator is available now, and is priced at $10,000 per server. ADW/Workgroup Manager is scheduled for beta release to begin in December 1993; pricing has not yet been determined. The ROCHADE repository is currently available; pricing is based on configuration and operating system and generally ranges between $140,000 and $200,000 depending on the number of clients.
 KnowledgeWare, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing scalable application development tools and services that allow organizations to rapidly respond to changes in business needs and requirements. KnowledgeWare develops, markets and supports the Application Development Workbench, ObjectView, Flashpoint, Legacy Workbench, and associated products and services. These products and services are used for flexibly developing and maintaining mission-critical enterprise-wide applications as well as department and individual support systems in open, client/server computing environments. To date, the company has shipped more than 120,000 products to 5,000 companies in 49 countries, and had revenues in its fiscal year 1993 of $128.8 million.
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 /NOTE: This press release refers to numerous products by their trade names. In most cases, these designations are claimed as trademarks or registered trademarks by their respective companies./
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