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Industry's First Products To Showcase Stereo 3-D Technology Include
 3-D Dinosaur Adventure and 3-D Body Adventure
 LAS VEGAS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Knowledge Adventure Inc., a leading developer of multimedia educational software products, today unveiled its 3-D software technology at COMDEX, the world's largest computer trade show. 3-D Dinosaur Adventure and 3-D Body Adventure are the company's first products to feature this groundbreaking technology on personal computers.
 The company's 3-D software technology creates true stereo three- dimensional still images and movies using a standard PC equipped with a VGA monitor and a CD-ROM or hard drive. No special hardware is required. Customers simply wear 3-D glasses, two pairs of which are supplied with each product, to see the specially computed images and movies that appear to float in front of and behind the computer monitor.
 Rod Turner, president and chief executive officer, Knowledge Adventure Inc., said, "The world of educational software takes on a new dimension with this stereo 3-D software technology. It enables us to create products that challenge, inform, as well as entertain our customers. The development of our 3-D software technology gives us tremendous opportunities for integrating truly real images and movies in our future products. And, then, combine this 3-D technology along with our innovative Zoomscape, Virtual Object Control and Express Movie Player technologies and the possibilities are endless for creating entertainin?d educational software."
 3-D Dinosaur Adventure and 3-D Body Adventure are Knowledge Adventure's first two products to feature this 3-D software technology. In 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, available in stores later this month, one can explore the world of dinosaurs through the Dinosaur Encyclopedia, discover dinosaurs in the 3-D Dinosaur Museum, watch dinosaurs in action in full-motion and 3-D movies, venture into the first virtual-reality dinosaur theme park and enter the Zoomscape maze to save the dinosaurs before a comet hits the earth.
 3-D Body Adventure, available in December, ventures into the intricacies of the anatomy and physiology of the human body from the smallest cell to the interaction of various organs and systems. Customers can view the brain and the heart as well as the skeletal structure in 3-D or zoom in on an object such as the heart, and rotate it through the use of the Virtual Object Control technology. 3-D Dinosaur Adventure will be available for $79.95 in CD-ROM and for $59.95 in diskette format. 3-D Body Adventure will be available for $79.95 in CD-ROM and for $49.95 in diskette format.
 Knowledge Adventure Inc., headquartered in La Crescenta, Calif., is a leading developer of multimedia educational software products. In 1992, the company won PC Magazine's Award for Technical Excellence for its line of Interactive Books, including Knowledge Adventure, Science Adventure and Space Adventure. Earlier this year, the company's Dinosaur Adventure and Space Adventure were selected Best Elementary Education and Best Secondary Education Program, respectively, by the Software Publishers Association as part of its Excellence in Software Awards Program.
 NOTE TO EDITORS: 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, 3-D Body Adventure, Dinosaur Adventure, Space Adventure and Zoomscape are trademarks of Knowledge Adventure Inc. All other marks mentioned herein belong to other companies.
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