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KMPT's new Dynamic Crossflow Filtration technology.

Crossflow methods for separation of substances with poor filtration properties are becoming increasingly popular for applications including solvents and abrasive materials. However recent developments in the technology from Krauss Maffei Process Technology kmpt offer increased energy savings, improved feed flow for less clogging and filtration impedance and an even wider range of applications. This gives the user twin advantages of a superior technical solution to his filtration problem as well as a distinct economic advantage.

KMPTs new Dynamic Crossflow Filtration technology uses rotating ceramic membrane discs rather than polymer membranes which eliminates the negative occurrence of filter clogging whilst also allowing the processing of increased retentate concentrations of up to 700mPas, twice the concentration of the capability of traditional crossflow filtration technology. The ceramic discs also have the advantage of being mechanically strong and solvent and abrasion resistant.

KMPT's Dynamic Crossflow Filtration technology opens up new fields of application such as colloids, pigments, bacteria, viruses, proteins and ions.


Even at low viscosities there is a substantial energy requirement in standard crossflow filtration for generating the overflow speed required to prevent the clogging layer forming. By using rotating disc membranes in KMPT's Dynamic Crossflow Filtration technology the energy requirement is reduced by up to 80%. This reduction in energy applied to the process means their is a reduction in heat transferred to the product which means the system is suitable for processing of sensitive products and also the product requires no additional cooling prior to further processing.

On site or in-house testing of your products can be arranged using KMPT's compact, mobile Dynamic Crossflow Filtration unit in a 'try before you buy' arrangement.

Contact KMPT (UK) on tel 01925 644155 or visit

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