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KLOAK brand adds partnerships.

Genesis Pattern Technologies LLC (GPT) announces several new partnerships and licensing agreements for its KLOAK camouflage patterns.

Trademarketing Resources Inc. (TRI) will help KLOAK execute the licensing of its line of camouflage patterns, trademarks and proprietary design concepts to the outdoor industry, military and consumer goods markets.

Southern Belle Outdoors Inc. has developed a new camouflage pattern for outdoorswomen called the KLOAK "InvisiBelle" pattern in partnership with GPT. Both a spring and fall pattern are being introduced.

Additionally, GPT has an agreement for licensing and co-marketing the HillBilly Brand of hunting/outdoor apparel, consumer goods and accessories bearing KLOAK camouflage patterns.

Since the launch of the KLOAK brand in 2012, GPT has partnered with numerous well-known brands and celebrities to roll out its cryptic camouflage patterns to the tactical, hunting/shooting, fishing, binding, snowmobile and casual wear markets.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY NEWS
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:May 1, 2014
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