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Mouth ulcers or canker sores make it painful to talk and eat. Inflammation can also spread to the tonsils and throat, so it's better to tackle this as early as possible. Here are some tips:

ORANGE JUICE: Lack of vitamin C causes mouth ulcers so it's helpful to drink a glass of orange juice daily. You can also take vitamin C pills if you don't want to have the juice.

VINEGAR: Gargle with a mouthful of warm vinegar with half a tablespoon of salt for about 30 seconds, three times a day. It's extremely painful but leads to an improvement within 2 days.

TEA BAG: Cover the ulcer with a cold and wet tea bag. The tannin in this helps dry up the sore. Basil leaves act as an antiseptic so chew on 5- 6 basil leaves and sip some warm water with this.

Repeat 5- 6 times a day for the maximum benefits.

TOMATOES: Raw tomatoes help in the healing of mouth ulcers. Also eat yoghurt and other sour food items like cottage cheese and buttermilk.

Add lots of onions to your salad as these contain sulphur, which facilitates the healing process.

KATHA: Eat a paan made only with katha ( catechu). Katha has astringent properties and helps shrink mouth ulcers so you can even rub some directly on the trouble spots.

COCONUT: Coconut is also a helpful remedy for mouth ulcer. You can mix coconut milk with honey and massage the ulcer three times a day or just gargle with the milk to get relief.

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