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 SOUTH HAMPTON, Bermuda, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- KISS, the "Keep It

Simple System" software package is being showcased in Bermuda's biggest, newest store...Gorham's True Value Home Center.
 After a three year search, after conferring with consultants, and after an expensive false start with a clumsy package better suited to wholesalers, Gorham's has launched its multi-million dollar new home center using KISS software.
 KISS is a P.O.S. system which will find its way into many different types of businesses because of its simplicity of use, its versatility, its incredible speed, its audit trails, its expandability, and ironically its unrivaled modest price...just $4,000.
 KISS was developed by Rod Farrington of Elgin, Ill. after 20 years' experience in the lumber and hardware business. The system has had six True Value hardware stores running on it for over four years, but Gorham's is the first high volume store which has definitively proven the system's capabilities. During the period prior to Christmas, as many as ten networked terminals were handling more than 300 transactions per hour!
 While Gorham's has over 21,000 SKU's and 3,500 charge accounts, the KISS system can handle as many as 99,999 different stock items and 99,999 charge accounts without any loss of speed. KISS takes less than 1/10th of a second to bring up the point of sale information whether the item number is keyed in, the UPC code is keyed in, or the bar code is scanned. What's amazing is that this speed is not achieved by powerful computer hardware...this speed is engineered within the software.
 The main criticism which Gorham's used to suffer from in its smaller, uncomputerized store was how long it took to serve customers...hand written tickets, multiplied and added mentally and manually. With this in mind, when the management team shopped for a P.O.S. solution, the team insisted on speed. KISS's tremendous speed is a welcome relief to, cashiers, and especially the customers.
 Gorham's new 16,000 sq. ft. store is huge for Bermuda, its expanded inventory lines are the talk of the Island, but the KISS system is the critical ingredient for faster, more effective customer service.
 System Requirements:
 1. PC with 40 meg hard drive
 2. Dot Matrix Printer
 3. Monochrome Monitor
 4. Electronic or Manual Cash Drawer
 5. Network System for multiple terminal operations.
 -0- 1/7/92
 /CONTACT: Rod's System, Inc., Public Relations, 800-832-5514/ CO: Rod's System Inc. ST: IN: CPR SU: PDT

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Date:Jan 7, 1992

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