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KIOSK CONVENIENCES: Ideas for implementing interactive self-service technology across campus.

Self-service options exist everywhere today, and the campus is nb exception. From wayfinding to making appointments and payment transactions, students and others move through their busy days with the assistance of interactive electronic kiosks.

While there's no dedicated higher ed group to turn to for strategizing about where and how to use this technology, administrators continue to experiment with kiosk placement and function, as well as with tracking use to maximize money spent.

IT Strategist Richie Crim continually assesses where kiosks get the best ROI at his institution, Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia. Often interest will surge as a semester launches and then wane quickly, so he has worked to add new features that students and visitors may need. His campus has device-charging kiosks, and one idea is to station iPad kiosks there so students can complete other transactions as they wait.

"As technologists, we need to reinvent the kiosk," Crim says.

Deploy a roving kiosk robot that approaches people on campus to solicit opinions or information.

At Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia, student leaders launched a survey about vaping on campus but could get only a few people to take it on a computer in the student union. They consulted Information Technology Strategist Richie Crim, who came up with the idea of using a robotic device with an iPad that drives up to students and then parks so the survey can be filled out. "We probably got 30 times the results over two days versus the first full-week effort that had only three respondents," says Crim. In the future, he envisions a roving kiosk like this for greeting students as they enter the fitness center.

50+--Number of kiosks currently at Lord Fairfax Community College (including those used for printing, device charging, registration, financial aid processes and other functions)

Record use of kiosks in specific spaces and facilities.

Departments at the University of San Diego can obtain check-in kiosks to track student use of services such as the commuter lounge or walk-in financial aid appointments, says Steffanie Hoie, manager of CRM and portal technologies. A mobile app can track event check-ins via a card swipe. And by combining a kiosk with the university's gamification system, event organizers can give attendees points for showing up.

38,201--Number of check-ins at various locations across campus between September 1, 2017, and April 30, 2018

By Melissa Ezarik

Popular places for kiosks

Dining halls

Emerging Trend: Kiosks where students can look up nutritional information, place orders and manage meal plans.


Visitor/welcome centers

Student centers

Career centers

Campus stores

Printing centers

Outdoors across campus

Admissions offices

Emerging Trend: Capturing information from prospective students and families as they wait for an interview or tour.

Financial aid offices

Student accounts/bursar's offices

"One-stop" student service centers

Alumni offices

Parking lots/garages

Other kiosk location ideas

Campus card offices


Student health centers

Campus-based community clinics

Academic buildings

Residence halls


Rec centers


Shuttle stops

Kiosk hardware options

Fully enclosed stations

Touchscreen displays


TIP: Track utilization; maybe the kiosk can be tried elsewhere for improved ROl.

Common campus kiosk functions

Managing long lines while waiting for a service

Scheduling appointments in advance

May he fading as online service capabilities grow

Paying for food or merchandise

Paying for parking


Emerging Trend: Personalized wayfinding. Near-field technology can, for example, give students directions to a building based on their personal schedules.

Making tuition and fee payments

May be fading as online service capabilities grow


Other functions for kiosks

Registering for events/purchasing tickets

Checking in for events or classes

Paying fines (parking, library, etc.)

Reserving a conference or huddle room

Preparing a mailing

Package delivery alerts

Checking on sustainability efforts of a facility's occupants

Directing users to more information via a barcode, DR code, etc.

Charging mobile devices while completing other self-service tasks


If signage doesn't make it obvious how the kiosk can help, students and visitors likely won't use it.

Try this: Kiosk ideas to model

Set up a library kiosk to help users find a computer with specific software installed.

Eric Johnson, the numeric and spatial data librarian in the Center for Digital Scholarship at Miami University in Ohio, set up this type of kiosk about four years ago in King Library. He listed all the software on a spreadsheet and integrated it with a map of each computer area. Users can select a specific computer's image to see what software it has or select a particular software to see which computer images are highlighted.

43--Total number of software packages available on computers throughout the library, as of spring 2018

Use a kiosk as part of an efficient controlled-entry system for a clinic for community members.

The School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific offers dental clinics and a range of services for San Francisco Bay Area residents. Current patients with appointments who arrive at a clinic enter their last name to check in via a kiosk, which prints out a badge with clinic floor and location noted. When the patient gets to that clinic location, there's no need to check in again.

9,000--Approximate number of kiosk check-ins by patients each month
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