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 SEATTLE, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- King County Medical (KCM) announced today it has achieved up to 30 percent savings in health care costs with its innovative managed care plan, Selections.
 "Selections has already demonstrated significant savings over our preferred provider plan, and over our traditional plans," explained Dr. Terry R. Rogers, senior vice president for medical affairs at KCM.
 Selections uses a carefully chosen network of doctors and other providers who have demonstrated a commitment to appropriate, cost-effective treatment. To help identify these providers, KCM uses Pro/File(SM), a new, highly sophisticated data and information system. Pro/File identifies those doctors who use health care resources the most efficiently and effectively and thus provide the most value.
 "Selections is one of our answers to rising health care costs and the demands of health care reform," Rogers said. "With Selections, we've shown that it is possible to provide excellent health care coverage while reducing overall costs."
 Selections has achieved as much as 20 to 30 percent in savings by using efficient providers and having the patient's primary care physician coordinate overall care, according to Rogers. "While the plan is still in its infancy, preliminary results show 26 percent fewer hospital admissions, and shorter hospital stays when compared with our other plans and the industry in general," he noted.
 "The overall cost of hospital inpatient claims was 46 percent less for Selections customers than for customers enrolled in KCM's PPO plan," Rogers continued. "Costs of doctor visits and other medical professional claims were reduced by 36 percent with the Selections plan."
 KCM is passing these savings on to its Selections customers with a guaranteed group renewal rate of no more than five percent in 1994, and no more than the Seattle medical Consumer Price Index (CPI) in 1995, barring changes in state or federal law that could affect its ability to do so. The guarantee applies to groups of five to 150 employees and is based on the state and federal regulations under which the company operates. It may be modified if future changes in laws or regulations affect the cost or other aspects of the Selections plan or the company's ability to offer such a guarantee.
 While Selections helps reduce health care costs, it also maintains provider choices. "Unlike traditional managed care plans, like health maintenance organizations (HMOs), Selections allows patients to visit doctors and other providers outside the network," Rogers said. "Although the patients share of the cost will be greater when using the 'extended' network, Selections lets patients visit more than 4,000 outside physicians."
 King County Medical is the largest health care service contractor in Washington and provides health care coverage to more than 700,000 subscribers in King, Cowlitz, Lewis, Snohomish, Thurston and Yakima counties. The company pays out more than $900 million in claims for health care services annually.
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 /CONTACT: Tracy Salter of King County Medical, 206-464-3789; or Paul Owen of Elgin Syferd, 206-223-2342, for King County Medical/

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Date:Nov 29, 1993
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