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Hey Kids!

Now that you've read about how to draw cartoons, show us your own cartoon creations. Send them in!

Also, send us your stories, photos, drawings, poems, and jokes & riddles for publication. We can't wait to see what you send in!



Kids Corner,

PO Box 227

Bluffton, OH 45817-0227

Ziggy's Mail Zone

Dear Ziggy,

Hi! I'm Priyanka, and I'm in 4th grade. Our class is doing a play, and I have to learn lines. It will be fun but kind of scary! Keep up the good work on your magazines! I like math and puzzles, so I really liked your Numbers issue (May/June 2019). I like all my issues.

Well, bye for now,

Priyanka Nayar

Dear Ziggy,

I trained my dog to come to me when I clap my hands. Her name is Bitsy because she's a little Yorkshire terrier. Other than that, she just likes to play! I am 9 and I love Fun For Kidz!!

See ya later!

Deborah Michalski

Dear Ziggy,

My family has 2 dogs and a cat. We had to train our dogs not to scratch on the door because they were always scratching. We used treats, just like in the Animal Training issue (Nov./Dec. 2019).

For Halloween, I'm going to be a pirate or a firefighter. We went on a hayride and we also went to my friend's house and hiked in the woods and saw all kinds of animals. It was great.

Your friend,

Smith Walters


Write to Ziggy, the Fun For Kidz dog. You see him on every cover of the magazine. He is the "Z" in Fun For Kidz. Ziggy has ears, eyes, a nose, a mustache over his mouth, and a tail. If you write to Ziggy, he will write back to you! Send letters to:

Fun For Kidz

Attn. Ziggy

PO Box 227

Bluffton, OH 45817-0227

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