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 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 20,000 children are injured -- some fatally -- in farm-related accidents each year, and that's a statistic Progressive Farmer magazine hopes to help change.
 The September issue of the magazine features a safety camp for farm children and gives readers tips on how they can plan similar camps in their areas.
 Progressive Farmer visited a camp held at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, Ga. At this camp, sponsored by the Georgia Healthy Farmers Project, agriculture and safety experts led demonstrations and frank discussions on equipment, fire, pesticide and water safety.
 Farms might not seem like water hazards for children. But last year, drowning was the most common cause of death for Georgia farm kids in a six-county area, according to a survey by the Georgia Healthy Farmers Project.
 "Even those farmers who had rescue equipment for their pools had nothing at their ponds," camp coordinator Judy Hartley told Progressive Farmer.
 To host a farm safety camp, Progressive Farmer offers these tips:
 -- Start planning at least six months ahead. Learn the most
 frequent causes of farm injuries and deaths in your area.
 Medical and law enforcement personnel, the media and county
 agents are good sources.
 -- Develop topics. Include discussions on prevention of accidents
 related to equipment, fire, water, electricity and chemicals.
 Also discuss CPR.
 -- Have medical experts and civil service employees, county agents,
 university agriculture safety specialists or experienced farmers
 address topics.
 -- Confirm the campsite.
 -- Talk to the county attorney about liability insurance.
 -- Contact agriculture groups to target camp participants and
 -- Design a safety quiz for the kids to take before and after the
 The Progressive Farmer article also included five sample safety questions. Could the farm kids in your area answer these two?
 -- A tractor has overturned in a field, and you are the first person
 to arrive at the scene. After making sure it is safe to
 approach, the first thing to do is: (a) Call for help. (b) Turn
 off the tractor. (c) Stop any bleeding. Answer: b.
 -- You are awakened at night and realize the house is quickly
 filling with smoke. You should: (a) Run out of the house.
 (b) Crawl low under the smoke, get out, and stay out. (c) Hide
 in a closet. Answer: b.
 Progressive Farmer is published by Southern Progress Corp., which also publishes Southern Living, Cooking Light and Southern Accents magazines, as well as Oxmoor House books. The Birmingham-based company is the largest regional publisher of magazines and books in the country.
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