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PRETTY university student Olessia Khledod dreamed of being a dancer after completing her philosophy course.

Instead, Olessia, 19, barely escaped with her life after being kidnapped and sold as a sex-slave.

Russian-born Olessia was abducted and raped by Albanian gangsters before being forced to work as a prostitute in Scotland.

She answered an advert in a newspaper thinking she would earn extra cash as a dancer while on holiday from university.

The third-year scholar left her home in St Petersburg for Brussels, excited at the prospect of visiting Belgium.

But she didn't realise that the journey would lead her into the clutches of an evil Albanian gang who would drug her then sell her as a hooker.

When she arrived in Belgium she was met by an Albanian who took her to his home in Brussels. First she was stripped of her Russian passport and held captive for seven days before being sent to London using a fake Czech Republic passport.

When she landed in Britain she was met by crime boss Artur Corbajram, who has built a fortune selling vulnerable Eastern European girls to pimps. Corbajram, 27, boasts of selling 15 young women each day - pocketing pounds 10,000 on each sleazy deal.

He sold Olessia to a vice boss who put her to work in a dingy flat in London. She was forced to have sex with dozens of men. But her first pimp took her back to Corbajram and demanded his cash back because he reckoned she was lazy.

Olessia was sold three times before being purchased by Albanian pimp Titi Istogu, who is based in Glasgow.

Since arriving in the United Kingdom almost four months ago, Olessia says she has earned the Albanian gang pounds 20,000.

Unable to speak any English, she couldn't tell clients that she was a sex slave. But she managed to escape after using a Russian-English dictionary to explain to a woman that she had been kidnapped.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail through an interpreter, she said: "I thought I would be a dancer for just one month before going back to university, but I've ended up with my life in ruins.

"London was the worst place on earth for me and Artur and Titi should be in prison. I had danced before in Cyprus and thought it was an ideal opportunity to make money during the break.

"But when I got to Brussels, Albanian men drugged me and took my passport from me. I was met by Artur in London who told me I would be sold and put to work as a prostitute.

"The men who bought me kept taking me back and said I was lazy and didn't work hard enough. Artur gave them some money back and sold me again."

The traumatised young girl trembled as she described her ordeal.

Olessia revealed: "I was put to work in flats where I would be forced to have sex with up to 30 men a day. During my time in London I handed over pounds 15,000 to Albanians.

"I haven't handed over as much money in Glasgow, maybe a few thousand, because the prices aren't as high up here and I haven't been here as long.

"Artur always boasted about how much money he was making. I saw his bank books, he made no secret of his wealth.

"He would say that he sold 10 girls each day, many of them Romanian sisters. Artur kept saying that I was lazy but there was always a queue of men at the flat I was forced to work in."

Olessia's nightmare got worse when she discovered she was pregnant. Corbajram took her for an abortion and forced her to work just days later

She added: "I needed to see a doctor, but Artur wouldn't allow it.

"One of the other girls begged him to get me to a doctor and he finally said yes. The doctor said I was pregnant and Artur insisted that I have an abortion. He had me back at work before the end of the week, even though I still wasn't fit."

Corbajram then contacted his henchman Istogu and told him to come and inspect Olessia. Istogu decided to buy Olessia and take her to Glasgow.

She added: "When the men in London didn't want me, Artur called Titi.

"He then bought me and took me to Glasgow where I've been forced to work as a prostitute in a flat.

"Every night he would take all my money then force me to have sex with him and his friends. I can't take any more. I'm only 19, but I feel like I'm in my thirties.

"I would love the police to put these men in jail but I'm afraid for my family. My address is on my Russian passport.

"I haven't spoken to my family in over a month. I just want to go home."

Olessia is now living in a safe house in Central Scotland while she decides whether to contact the authorities.

A Sunday Mail investigator, posing as a vice boss claiming to have Olessia, met Albanian gangsters Istogu and his friend - known only as Nick - in a pub in Glasgow's west end.

The pair turned up early for the meeting in the Firebird pub on Argyle Street and had already drunk several cups of coffee by the time our man arrived.

Bearded Istogu said: "I don't want us to be angry, just bring me the girl. She belongs to me and I want her back.

"You think that you are a strong man because you are a boss, but you are messing with the wrong people.

"Don't make me a fool. You should just bring me the girl and we can forget about this. I will call my friend in London if you don't. He's the big boss." Our man left the bar, saying he would meet the two men later.

He then travelled to London - posing once again as a vice boss - and met slave king Corbajram at his pounds 200,000 semi-detached home in Southgate.

Corbajram, who owns a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle, two pistols and a Rottweiler, offered our man a cup of tea.

The reporter told Corbajram that Olessia had fled Titi and came to him.

Corbajram said: "Olessia is a very lazy girl but I'll send a man to Glasgow to pick her up if you want. Or you can have her and you can decide to give her back her freedom. She is a nice girl but doesn't want to work. If she comes back to me again I can give her a flat and protect her.

"I don't want trouble and I'm sorry you had to come down to London."

In London, Corbajram, clearly unhappy that Olessia had managed to escape, said: "I'm not happy with Titi, maybe giving him the girl was a mistake. He's all talk."

He added: "I will deal with Titi and his people, I know most of them. Don't worry. We should be friends."

Sorry Artur, but we've got enough friends already.

Our information is available to the police.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 14, 2001
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