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Byline: Zainab Rasheed-Rawalpindi

The knowledge of history helps us learn from others' mistakes. When the British began calling the shots in the subcontinent, those who refused to adapt to the changes and avoided modern education, including learning the English language, ended up depriving themselves of key opportunities. The same rule is relevant today. As such, learning the Chinese language today is the right move to make. With increasing Chinese presence in the country, it will be a key skill soon.


By: Eman Fatima-Lahore

_: The American outcry on human rights abuses in China is nothing but another proof of its hypocritical behaviour as it continues to turn a blind eye towards atrocities in the occupied territories of Kashmir and Palestine. American monopoly over the United Nations and other human rights organisations has caused damage to the international community. We should play our role in standing against this monopoly.


By: Sada Hayat Jalbani-Karachi

_: Ever since India has imposed 200 per cent duty on all imports from Pakistan, the date farmers in Sindh, particularly in Khairpur Mirs, are facing tremendous financial difficulties as India was the major buyer of dry dates. The increasing farming expenses and the monopoly of the middlemen are adding to the woes of the farmers. As it is, the Trading Corporation of Pakistan should buy all the available stock of dates and identify new markets for the commodity.


By: Kainat Abdul Jabbar-Hyderabad

_: Several factors have contributed to the rising trend of violence against women in society where they are less empowered and overburdened with expectations. They are held responsible for their own victimisation and forced to stay silent. Victim-blaming must be stopped and stringent laws should be enforced for the protection of women. Also, domestic violence and cyber blackmail should be considered serious crimes.

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Author:Zainab Rasheed-Rawalpindi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 9, 2021
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