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<& THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy BioSystems Corporation (NASDAQ: ENBC) announced today that it had received a key patent in the commercialization of its proprietary biocatalytic desulfurization (BDS) technology for sulfur removal from refinery hydrocarbon streams. The patent is on a "Multistage System for Deep Desulfurization of Fossil Fuels" (U.S. patent No. 5,232,854) and claims the use of BDS in combination with conventional hydrodesulfurization (HDS) technology. When commercially developed, the BDS/HDS combination is expected to create a synergistic effect in which deep desulfurization of refinery intermediates can be achieved more economically, helping refiners worldwide meet the reduced fuel sulfur levels increasingly called for in environmental regulations. This combination process would allow BDS to be used in conjunction with the installed base of over 8 million barrels per day of hydrodesulfurization capacity worldwide.
 Daniel J. Monticello Ph.D., vice-president of R&D for Energy BioSystems, said, "We found that many of the compounds that are relatively difficult to treat with HDS are ready targets for BDS. This complementary effect would enable a refiner to increase desulfurization capacity simply by adding a BDS unit. Once commercialized, this solution should be significantly lower in cost than adding an additional HDS unit or upgrading existing equipment. For Energy BioSystems, the ability to work in combination with conventional equipment will make it easier to integrate BDS into the refiner's existing operation."
 John H. Webb, president and CEO of Energy BioSystems, stated, "This patent reflects our efforts to build a strong proprietary position in biorefining technologies, both in the biotechnology fundamentals, such as cloned genes, and in practical process technologies, such as this BDS/HDS system."
 Energy BioSystems Corporation is commercializing biotechnology-based processes for the refining and oil production industries. The company's focus to date has been on developing biocatalytic desulfurization, a proprietary process involving the use of enzymes to remove sulfur from a range of fossil fuels. This process will help refiners worldwide meet environmental regulations in a more cost effective manner and has the potential to open access to vast high-sulfur fuel reserves.
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 /CONTACT: John H. Webb, president & CEO, of Energy BioSystems, 713-364-6100/

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