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YOU'RE A Star judge Kerry McFadden will show her ruthless streak tomorrow night when she lets her colleagues see her fiery temper.

RTE viewers will watch pregnant Kerry, 22, having a huge row with Phil Coulter and Darren Smith over their decisions.

A source said: "They really go mad at each other, there's lots of shouting and tension.

"The judges have been pretty quiet and pleasant up until now.

"Kerry is very opinionated about what she thinks makes a pop star and she isn't backward about coming forward.

"But Phil is a respected musician and composer and there's this little girl who keeps telling them they're wrong - it's bound to cause trouble.

"You could see at the Dundalk auditions last week that Phil was just letting things go.

"But at the Cork auditions he has just had enough and lets loose at Kerry, it's weird because Phil is usually really mild mannered.

"Darren is well known for his sharp tongue and he soon makes it clear he's on Phil's side."

Questions have now been raised as to why Kerry dropped out of the show half-way through the auditions.

The wife of Westlife star, Bryan McFadden, said her doctor had advised her to take it easy for the rest of her pregnancy.

It is expected that Kerry will return after Christmas for the remainder of the competition.

The source added: "There's no doubt that Kerry was ill and she had to leave and she has made it clear that she wants to come back."

But fears are growing Phil and Darren may not be willing to work with the former Atomic Kitten band member again.

A spokeswoman for the show refused to comment.


FURY: McFadden
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 23, 2002
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