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 CUMBERLAND, Md., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- A voluntary recall of 76,699 radial auto tires consisting of four sizes in a variety of brand names has been instituted by The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, according to Dan Hammontree, director of product quality and product service.
 The company said in the interest of safety and public service, it decided to recall the total number of tires from the production cycle involved to assure that it gets back the estimated one percent prone to premature failure and sudden air loss.
 Hammontree said the tires were manufactured in the company's Tyler, Texas, plant the week of Sept. 11, 1994.
 The sizes being recalled are P185/75R14, P195/75R14, 185/70R14, and 195/70R14. The serial numbers on the tire begin with "PL" and end with "374." A complete listing by brand names with the entire 11-digit- serial numbers is attached.
 In addition to following government guidelines for tire recalls, Kelly-Springfield has established a consumer hot line to enable buyers to determine if the tires they have purchased are part of the recall campaign.
 The hot-line phone number is 800-638-5112.
 Hammontree said consumers should return the recalled tires to the stores where they were purchased or to any dealer selling the same brand of tire purchased and they will receive new products without charge.
 See attached listing of tires by brand and serial number.
 Size: P185/75R14
 Kelly-Springfield Brands
 Celebrity: PLJ7FWKR374
 Explorer: PLJ7F5KR374
 Monarch Ultra-Flex 2: PLJ7FWKR374, PLJ7F9LR374
 Douglas Xtra-Trac A/W: PLJ7FXLR374
 Reliant Steel AS: PLJ7GAKR374
 Super Ride A/S: PLJ7B9KR374
 Star Sky Trak II: PLJ7FTLR374
 Private Label Brands
 Rocky Mountain A/S (Discount Tire): PLJ7GKLR374
 Laramie LTD Easy Rider (Laramie Tire): PLJ7CPKR374
 Jetzon Innovation III (Laramie Tire): PLJ7FYLR374
 Motomaster A/S (Canadian Tire): PLJ7C3KR374
 Shell GLS Radial (Hunter TBA): PLJ7HLKR374
 Multi-Mile Epic (TBC): PLJ7GBKR374
 Sigma Sceptor (TBC): PLJ7GBLR374
 Concorde Value Mark (Goodyear): PLJ7HDLR374
 Summit Siempre VI (Summit Tires): PLJ7FWLR374
 Summit Endurance ASR (Summit Tires): PLJ7B8KR374
 Big O Sun Valley VI (Big O Tires): PLJ7F9KR374
 Size: P195/75R14
 Kelly-Springfield Brands
 Celebrity: PLKAFWKR374
 Lee All Weather: PLKAFRKR374
 Reliant Steel AS: PLKAGAKR374
 Super Ride A/S: PLKAB9KR374
 Douglas Xtra-Trac A/W: PLKAFXLR374
 Star Sky Trak II: PLKAFTLR374
 Republic Ensign: PLKAH9LR374
 Private Label Brands
 Vanderbilt A/S Turbo Tech (Vanderbilt Tire): PLKAGRKR374
 Mohave R/S (Discount Tire): PLKAGKKR374
 Rocky Mountain A/S (Discount Tire): PLKAGKLR374
 Telstar Weatherizer (Hoffman Tire): PLKAF1KR374
 Laramie Steel Rider (Laramie Tire): PLKAF6KR374
 Laramie LTD Easy Rider (Laramie Tire): PLKACPKR374
 Doral A/S (Laramie Tire and Hoffman Tire): PLKACFLR374
 Motomaster A/S (Canadian Tire): PLKAC3KR374
 Multi-Mile Epic (TBC): PLKAGBKR374
 Sigma Sceptor (TBC): PLKAGBLR374
 Summit Siempre VI (Summit Tires): PLKAFWLR374
 Summit Endurance ASR (Summit Tires): PLKAB8KR374
 Big O Sun Valley VI (Big O Tires): PLKAF9KR374
 Concorde Calibre: PLKADFLR374
 Arizonian SA4 (Discount Tire): PLKAH6LR374
 Concorde Classic (Goodyear): PLKAHKLR374
 Big O Aspen III (Big O Tires): PLKAF5LR274
 Size: 185/70R14
 Kelly-Springfield Brands
 Kelly Metric 600T: PLJ6B8LR374
 Douglas Metric Radial: PLJ6D4LR374
 Private Label Brands
 Arizonian Premium Metric (Discount Tire): PLJ6CJLR374
 Sears Guardsman SCR (Sears): PLJ6EYLR374
 Multi-Mile Grand Am Radial MSR (TBC): PLJ6BYKR374
 Summit Mega Plus (Summit Tires): PLJ6CVLR374
 Big O Euro S/R (Big O Tires): PLJ6B1KR374
 Size: 195/70R14
 Kelly-Springfield Brands
 Kelly Metric 600T: PLJ9B8LR374
 Reliant Metric SBR: PLJ9MALR374
 Douglas Metric Radial: PLJ9D4LR374
 Private Label Brands
 Arizonian Premium Metric (Discount Tire): PLJ9CJLR374
 Sears Guardsman SCR (Sears): PLJ9EYLR374
 Cordovan Grand Prix MSR (TBC): PLJ9BXLR374
 Sigma Grand Sport MSR (TBC): PLJ9BYLR374
 Summit Mega Plus (Summit Tires): PLJ9CVLR374
 Big O Legacy TMR (Big O Tires): PLJ9CYKR374
 -0- 11/3/94
 /CONTACT: Gerald N. Hess of The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, 301- 777-6496/

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