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KDD charges up to 100 customers twice.

TOKYO, Nov. 19 Kyodo

KDD Corp. is preparing to pay refunds to as many as 100 customers who were sent two copies of their international phone bills for September, KDD officials said Friday.

The mistake originated a month ago at a customer service branch in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, of KDD Telemarketing Inc. when staff there issued extra phone bills due to a computer problem, the officials said.

The KDD affiliate apparently omitted addresses on about 100 bills, so the branch's staff included the information manually and in the process issued some of the bills twice.

KDD Telemarketing's branch is now trying to specify the names of customers who were double-billed.

Affected people who call for inquiries are being told to disregard one of their bills or, in the event they have already paid both bills, to arrange methods of receiving refunds.

The branch, which processes about two million bills a month, updated its computer systems last month to meet year 2000 compliance. However, KDD officials said the work had nothing to do with the billing mistake.
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Comment:KDD charges up to 100 customers twice.
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Date:Nov 22, 1999
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