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KCCS due to cut prices to more than 400 commodities ahead of Ramadan.

The country's Union of Consumer Cooperative

Societies (KCCS) said on Thursday that they will work on decreasing the prices

of around 400 food and non-food commodities by up to 55 percent, in attempt to

ease financial pressure on citizens and residents alike in the upcoming

period, particularly the holy month of Ramadan. The union is keen on providing the best available goods with the most

suitable prices during the holy month of Ramadan for the purpose of decreasing

financial burden on citizens, KCCS President Hussain Al-Duehis told KUNA. Al-Duehis added that such effort by the union is not only due to the

upcoming holy month of Ramadan, but all year long. The official added that the union has already lowered prices of around 100

commodities with a percentage starting from 5.5 to 26 percent. Meanwhile, Kuwait's Municipality called on citizens and residents alike on

not to cave in to or buy home-made products which are advertised through

various ways, particularly in the upcoming period and the holy month of

Ramadan. Such food commodities are not monitored nor regulated through health

officials which represent a danger to consumers' general health, the Acting

Director General of Public Relations Ali Hussain Abdeen said in a press

release. The official added that due to its nature all imported food goods are not

under heavy inspection, nor do they receive samples for testing from it source

and description. The municipality will be swift with its response to those who violate food

regulations, including the shutdown of food storages if found they were

selling their products before the completion of tests by the health ministry,

Abdeen added.

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Publication:Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
Date:Jul 22, 2010
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