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KBB Study Reveals Consumers Concerned About Current Hybrids.

Kelly Blue Book (KBB) Marketing Research recently released the results of a study, titled the Kelly Blue Book New-Vehicle Buyer Attitude Study, which indicates that consumers have concerns about current hybrid electric vehicles, while at the same time revealing that a large percentage of those polled feel that the technology is "the wave of the future."

KBB said that the study finds that more than half of the consumers polled are either not interested in hybrids, citing such concerns as service and longevity issues, or feel they need to know more about the technology.

KBB noted that 61 percent of consumers said they are "very concerned" about the difficulty and expense of hybrid technology repairs, with 55 percent concerned about the hybrids' limited battery pack life.

The study also indicates that 36 percent of vehicle shoppers think the gasoline-electric engine will become the dominant engine type in five to 10 years and that approximately six percent of new vehicle shoppers would purchase a hybrid vehicle regardless of any additional costs the technology would incur.

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Date:Jul 18, 2005
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