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KB Home and Quickflash Weatherproofing Products Inc. Enter into National Agreement.

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Quickflash's Rapid Expansion Across the United States is Fueled By

Growing Demand for Innovative, Patented, Plumbing and Electrical

Exterior Flashing Products That Keep Out Moisture Which Can Lead To

Toxic Mold, Dry Rot and Other Moisture-Related Problems

Quickflash Weatherproofing Products Inc. announced today they have entered into a national Volume Discount Agreement with KB Home, one of the nation's top premier homebuilders.

The agreement allows KB Home subcontractors in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Colorado to purchase Quickflash Weatherproofing Panels direct from the company at substantial discount rates.

Quickflash, under the auspices of its founding president and CEO, construction industry veteran William ("Bill") Gilleran, manufactures a line of innovative, high-grade polyethylene plastic and thermal plastic rubber (TPR) flashing panels for external vertical wall plumbing and electrical penetrations. Due to the nature of the materials, design and installation of Quickflash products, they have tested to be extremely successful in stopping leaks and keeping out moisture - a condition which can lead to toxic mold, dry rot and other problems. Toxic mold, an issue that has received significant media attention, has become the focus of a growing number of lawsuits within the building and construction industry.

Capitalizing on this growing demand for its patented, next-generation products in this increasingly litigious building and construction climate, Quickflash Weatherproofing Products Inc. has experienced exponential growth in the past year due to the proven effectiveness and rapid acceptance of its innovative flashing panels.

Said Ryan Wells, director of purchasing for KB Home's Nevada Division, "Using Quickflash products on all of our new homes has not only raised the bar in terms of quality, but also reinforced the peace of mind that we are delivering the best possible product to our customers, home after home."

According to Quickflash's Vice President of Marketing and Sales Rodger Reeder: "We are extremely excited about our national agreement with KB Home. KB Home's Nevada division has been installing our flashing panels on all their new home starts for over a year now. With this new national agreement, it will give all KB Home subdivisions around the country the opportunity to build tighter weatherproof homes, and at the same time reap substantial savings off the suggested retail prices."

Invented by Gilleran, a former long-time quality control specialist for new construction and water intrusion problems, Quickflash plumbing and electrical flashing panels are designed to minimize the possibility of human error in installation, are non-conductive and non-corrosive, and save substantial time and labor costs.

Quickflash products are designed for multiple finishes such as brick, stucco (1-coat & 3-coat), EIFS, wood, vinyl and stone veneers. The panels effectively replace the old practice of caulking electrical and plumbing penetrations to building paper on residential and commercial buildings. If the installer of the moisture-resistant barrier (the building paper) does not properly carry through with the caulk application to form a weatherproof seal, the installation is immediately flawed and water entry can occur.

Noted Gilleran: "As we expand our activities across the country, our goal at Quickflash is to help developers build safer, higher-quality homes and commercial buildings while allowing them to keep costs down and problems such as moisture leaks to a bare minimum. We are looking to create a 'win-win' situation for everyone involved in the building process - the developer, the architect, plumbing and electrical subcontractors, and, of course, the homebuyer and/or property owner."

Added Reeder: "In truth, because of our multiple utility patents, Quickflash has no competition - it is the first and only company to present a new design model as the ultimate solution to weatherproofing electrical and plumbing penetrations. What's more, our products are very affordably priced and certainly add a plethora of benefits which ultimately save time, money and headaches, perhaps possibly even litigation down the road."
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 7, 2004
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