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KATE'S WEEVENGE; Star gets own back on Hollywood boss by widdling in coffee.


SEXY actress Kate Beckinsale left a bitter taste in the mouth of a hated Hollywood director - by adding a "wee" drop to his coffee.

Kate, star of Hollywood's new and most expensive movie Pearl Harbor, was so furious when a film boss ordered her to strip for a steamy screen romp that she "peed in his Thermos flask".

Kate, 27 - sister of London's Burning actress Sam - believed the nude scene was completely unnecessary. She said: "I can't say which film but it was a small movie and I found myself being asked to do something I didn't want to do.

"It made me feel violated and horrible. It involved nudity and all that stuff, which was dirtily handled.

"I was really disturbed and I was sobbing and begging."

But she told US magazine Details she soon cheered up, adding: "I peed in his Thermos flask - of course I was relatively hot-headed then."

Kate - daughter of TV's Rising Damp and Porridge star Richard Beckinsale who died when she was five - refused to name the victim but one suspect is director Whit Stillman, 38.

She clashed constantly with him while filming the raunchy R-rated movie Last Days Of Disco.

Kate added: "I've done nudity but I think as a general rule it's unnecessary.

"And I find when I'm in the audience I'm thinking, 'Oh, doesn't he have enormous testicles?' I'm not listening to the script any more."

In Last Days Of Disco, based on the notorious New York club Studio 54, Kate plays a woman locked in nightclub debauchery.

That is completely different from her role in the pounds 100million blockbuster Pearl Harbor which will be released in Britain in June.

Kate plays a nurse who falls for two US airmen as the Japanese bomb the US naval base in Hawaii in the Second World War.


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 25, 2001
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