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I AM AT a loss to understand why this very sacred cenotaph has been taken and hidden [inside a secure DND facility without public access]. My late father, Capt. Frank Wencel retired, had honoured his fellow unit members that came home and those that did not come home. He tried to keep the flame burning. We spoke allot of his, friends and others service. And was moved Esprit de Corps Magazine Vol. 26, Issue 6 every time we watched the news and spoke with those who's rotation took them back to the war in Afghanistan. And we spoke about this memorial coming home that we should visit this cenotaph. But now I can't fullfill my promise to my late father. And now the families of those great Heroes can not pay their respects to their fallen family members. Either can us Canadians who are patriotic to our country and our outstanding Canadian Armed Forces Members past and present. I am certain that those 158 Heroes souls are lost and may never be at peace. Please stop and use some common cense, and move this great memorial monument of a Cenotaph to the right place of remembrance. Move it to the Canadian Military Cemetery at Beechwood in Ottawa.

Gary Wencel

London, ON

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Title Annotation:POSTED IN: Letters to the editor
Author:Wencel, Gary
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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