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K.A.L. follow-up.

In our September 15 issue we fulminated that the press in general and The New York Times in particular were ignoring the important evidence David Pearson provided in our August 18-25 issue that numerous government agencies knew or should have known that K.A.L. Flight 007 was off course shortly after it took off.

On September 7, the day after our lament went to press, Tom Wicker devoted his Times column to what he called "A Damning Silence." Wicker criticized the fact that "the press effectively ignored" Pearson's "authoritative" article and the important questions it raised. this negligence, he wrote, illustrates "the depressing complicity with Government into which the free American press has sunk since Vietnam and Watergate."

Despite Wicker's blast and an earlier interview with Pearson on the Today Show, neither the press nor congress has made any serious efforts to lift the curtain of secrecy. Why? Reagan's response to the downing of flight 007 was one of the critical events of his Administration. It exacerbated the tensions between the superpowers, accelerated the arms race and brought the world closer to war. It also enhanced Reagan's macho image, which is playing so well these days on the campaign circuit.

Where is the outrage? Where are the follow-up investigations? Haven't we learned from Watergate that uncovering a cover-up after the election is not good enough? The Nation, at any rate, will continue its investigation. We offer full access to our files to all interested parties.

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Title Annotation:cover-up of K.A.L. Flight 007 facts by the press
Publication:The Nation
Date:Oct 6, 1984
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