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K&K: second to none on fast track of suppliers to fast food industry.

When Moses Lee was a Hawaii-based international consultant to McDonald's Corp. during the 1980s, his goal was to one day own a franchise in paradise. But after calculating the tremendous growth potential that lay beneath the Golden Arches in Asia, his dream got bigger. Why not build a factory to supply some of that demand for pre-cooked products?

Mr. Lee left sunny Honolulu and returned to bustling Taiwan -- his boyhood home. In 1987 he founded and became chairman of K&K Foods Ltd., opening a processing plant in Tao Yuan County to make Chicken McNuggets in a joint venture with USA-headquartered OSI Industries, Inc. In six years his company has expanded its product line and customer base many times to keep pace with the explosion in fast foods that has hit the island.

"The Western-style quick service restaurant sector has evolved into a highly competitive business, with most of the major international chains now firmly entrenched," explained the chairman. "Meanwhile, McDonald's continues to grow, opening some 10 to 15 units per year on average. They should pass the 100-store milestone within the next 24 months."

Interestingly, chicken sales by far surpass hamburger purchases at McDonald's units in Taiwan. So K&K's 150-person workforce is kept busy packing and marketing chicken patties, bone-in pieces and fried chicken parts along with nuggets. But a variety of meat and fish products is also produced, including: pork choppettes and mini club steaks (manufactured under license from Prima Foods International), pork and beef patties, meat balls and fish fillets.

In addition to McDonald's, other fast food operators such as Burger King, Lottery and various pizza restaurants are supplied by K&K, as are many of the leading retailers and food companies in Taiwan. Among them are Wellcome, Makro, Chen Hsiang Foods Industrial Co., San-President Enterprise Corp., Wei-Chaun Foods Corp., Country Flavour Foods Co., and President Enterprises Corp. Also packed is its own Red Dragon brand and an assortment of private labels.

All K&K items meet the Chinese Agricultural Standard (CAS) and carry the highly regarded FFF seal. The company's factory is equipped with highly efficient American- and European-made machinery, ranging from grinders and formers to breaders and fryers. Both liquid nitrogen and spiral freezing capabilities are featured, with the former utilized primarily for beef patty production.

But these days K&K is looking beyond its traditional role of turning out only center-of-the-plate proteins. When Quick Frozen Foods International magazine toured the plant recently, its editor was asked to sample a brand new dessert item that was in development: the Corn Pudding Nugget.

"We think that the sweet, custard-filled treat will go over well with kids in fast food restaurants. The size is just right for their small mouths," said Mr. Lee. Shipments were scheduled to soon begin to test market outlets, which will probably charge about NT$ 38 (US$ 1.25) for a five-piece serving.

Readers are advised that the K&K chairman, during his years as a McDonald's consultant, created a number of winning regional menus for the world's largest fast food concern. For example: the Portuguese sausage and rice breakfast that is very popular in Hawaii and Guam. So one should not be surprised if Corn Pudding Nuggets not only pass the taste test in Taiwan, but if they subsequently take off for points across the Pacific.
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Title Annotation:Frozen Foods of Taiwan: 1993; K and K Foods Ltd.
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
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Date:Jul 1, 1993
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