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Justin Theroux.

From his film debut in 1996's I Shot Andy Warhol to this summer's Broken English and The Ten, Justin Theroux's career choices have been as hip, quirky, and gay-friendly as he is--Romy and Michele's High School Reunion and The Broken Hearts Club, anyone? Still going full throttle and making his directorial debut with the romantic comedy Dedication, he gives us the gospel on his Sedaris-spurred sins, chronic shirt-lessness, and indiscreet "gay husband"

You strike me as almost unapproachably cool. Do you get that a lot?

From my mom. She doesn't approach me that often. What I get a lot of is, "I used to think you were such a dick, but you're not." Maybe it's just because I dress like a dick.

A search for you on MySpace yields a profile for "Justin Theroux's Gay Husband." Anything you'd like to tell us?

[Laughs] That's hysterical. People have directed me to various sites that have said, "I know he's gay, I've seen him sucking dick, blah blah blah." But there's no delicate way to be like, "I'm not!" So I usually just don't comment on the subject, and then my girlfriend gets angry.

Homo opportunities must have presented themselves to you. Ever given it a shot?

I've never given it a shot, but I've had drunken advances in college--I did go to Bennington, after all. But it didn't really pique my interest. I hope I'm comfortable enough in myself that if I even had a percentage of any of that in me, I would feel free to explore it. Actually, I know I would. But I feel pretty hetero.

Any celebrity dude crushes?

I worked with Colin Farrell [in Miami Vice], and he's really charming and charismatic. Alain Delon, maybe? I think with Alain Delon anyone would try something out.

Who's your best gay friend?

Nicholas Martin. He directed me in Observe the Sons of Ulster at Lincoln Center. He's a mentor of mine and probably my favorite gay person in the world. But not because he's gay!

You played not one but two of Carrie Bradshaw's boy toys on Sex and the City, only one season apart. Did they not think we'd notice?

A lot of people didn't notice! Apparently it's a Sex and the City trivia question. They shaved my head for the second one--that's how they thought they were going to get around it: "We'll shave his head and no one will ever know!"

Which one are you more like: pretentious, artsy Jared or prematurely ejaculating mama's boy Vaughn?

[Laughs] I'm a combination of both. Fortunately, people's memories are short, so it was only after the first week that it aired that people pointed and said, "Hey, you're the premature ejaculator!"

Along with Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore, you cast your good friend Amy Sedaris in Dedication.

Amy was hysterical. She had created a whole backstory for her two-second part. She would show up on set and say, "When's my Billy Crudup rape scene?" I'd say, "You're just playing a mother." And she'd be like, "Is she divorced? Can she have babies? Is her womb dead?" We laughed a lot on set.

What do you and Amy do together--smoke pot and make crafts?

I can't smoke pot because it makes me cry. I get really paranoid.

What research did you do to prepare for your Broken Hearts role?

You know what? Being in New York theater, I've done all the research I ever need to do. It was so nice to do a movie where the themes were gay but it didn't club people over the head with it. If you took it out of the gay context, it was really more of a Big Chill.

Reviewing your oeuvre--Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Muse's "Hysteria" music video--I noticed you go shirtless quite a bit.

I was actually completely naked in Six Feet Under. That was completely terrifying. Actually, the only reason I did that music video was because it was right after Charlie's Angels and I was already primed for it. It was one of those situations where someone else was paying for the trainer and the diet, so it was kind of the way Oprah does it. Ill never be in that great of shape again.

Did you know you recently lost out on the title of PETA's "sexiest vegetarian" to The Tonight Show's bandleader, Kevin Eubanks?

I did? Fucking Eubanks! That's crazy. Just tell him to wait till next year.

In The Ten you play a Latin Jesus--which commandment do you break most often?

Worshipping false idols, I guess. I don't even know what that means. Like, urn, Kelly Clarkson? What are they again--lying, stealing ...?

Adultery, coveting stuff ...

I don't covet my neighbors' wives, but I do covet stuff. Is that a commandment? Thou shalt not covet stuff?. I covet a lot of Amy's shit, actually. She gave me a picture of a girl with syphilis that she named Phyllis. She's got a great old medical poster of a kid with rickets and big funny bowlegs. I really want that. Make sure that's in the article so she knows that!

If your name were a verb--as in "Man, I totally Therouxed that"--what would it mean?

God, that's a hard one. But it would probably be something amazing.

Might it involve taking off your shirt?

[Laughs] Yeah, totally. It would involve taking off your shirt and throwing up simultaneously while your shirt's over your head.

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