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Justified and Philosophy: Shoot First, Think Later.


Justified and Philosophy: Shoot First, Think Later

Edited by Rod Carveth and Robert Arp

Open Court Publishing


269 pages


Popular Culture and Philosophy; Volume 88


Written by a number of authors and not affiliated with the television show, the text (part of a popular culture series) uses Justified as a lens to explore a number of philosophical quandaries. Essay titles include "Was Boyd Truly Born Again?" "The Crimes of Old King Coal," "Motherhood and Apple Pie," and "Raylan Learns to Restrain Himself." A last chapter discusses recent real-life homicide cases, and poses the question of what we, as a society, consider justifiable homicide. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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