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Justice withJacobs: End masonic crusade with a handshake; FUTILE FIGHT IS ILL-ADVISED.

Byline: Gary Jacobs

Q I AM trying to expose freemasonic corruption. A freemason policeman gave false evidence against me in a court dealing with a minor motoring offence where the chairman of the bench was a freemason.

One of the magistrates stepped down as she knew the policeman. She is married to a freemason from the same lodge as the policeman, and the other magistrate.

The third magistrate is not listed locally as a freemason, but I am at liberty to assume that he is a freemasonic member because he does not deny any association.

I believe I was convicted on false, yet incontrovertible, evidence. I was flabbergasted, and when I investigated I made these freemasonry connections. I appealed and could not get the case started.

I complained to my MP, who would do nothing, and was later convicted for a criminal damage matter where there were no witnesses and no evidence.

My request for it to be investigated by the Criminal Cases Review Commission was shut down. This organisation is run by a freemason.

My solicitors were freemasons who used an agent where the police officer's wife had once worked. The court transcript was signed by a woman, who was not at the original hearing, whose husband is a freemason. She is now a magistrate.

In October, my wife was threatened in the street. I need some help. Can you give this case some publicity?

Name and address supplied

A HERE it is, the publicity you seek. I am not sure what help this will be, as I am not prepared to identify anyone. You cannot expect me to do so.

I am convinced that unless you put this matter behind you it will make you permanently unwell and paranoid, if you are not already.

You are a victim of what is known as a "cause celebre". People in your situation rarely achieve any level of justice in their own mind. They spend their life seething, blaming, exposing, and ultimately destroying their own lives.

I implore you to try to forget it. Only you can put an end to this tragic situation.

It is not a crime to be a freemason, nor for one to be a policeman or member of the judicial system.

It does not follow that there is a conspiracy every time a freemason is involved in a case where there are other masons, and there is no duty to withdraw just on the basis of masonry any more than for being a member of the Scout movement or the National Trust.

I accept that there are many instances, like yours, where parties seek to blame freemasonry for corruption, but there are few where it is proven and I have my doubts as to whether such conspiracies do exist.

Getting you convicted of a minor traffic infringement hardly promotes freemasonry.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 1, 2001
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