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6 Ways to Cut the Fat

when you Eat Out

1 Ask for your salad dressing on the side. "Light" is best, but if all you can get is regular, mix it half-and-half with vinegar or lemon juice and then only use half of it . . . or less.

2 On your baked potato, use sour cream instead of margarine or butter. Tablespoon for tablespoon, it has 75 percent less fat. Ask for it on the side, and don't use more than a tablespoon.

3 In a Chinese, Thai, Indian, or Japanese restaurant, order extra rice. Take it home with half the entree or use it to share the entree with a friend.

4 Eat plenty of (unbuttered) bread before and during your meal. Ask for plain Italian bread instead of (oil-soaked) garlic bread.

5 For dessert, order sorbet, sherbet, fat-free or low-fat frozen yogurt, angelfood cake, or (better yet) fresh fruit.

(6) Don't feel like you have to eat everything on your plate. Take home a doggie bag.

Simple Snacks

1 Rinsed and drained pinto, white, or other beans, right out of the can (try chickpeas sprinkled with a little garlic powder, lemon, hot paprika, and black pepper).

2 Frozen seedless grapes or peeled-then-frozen ripe bananas.

3 A sliced bagel (whole wheat, preferably) stuffed with tomato, red onion, lettuce, mustard.

4 A cored apple, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg and microwaved, covered, for three minutes.

5 A banana, some skim milk (or non-fat yogurt), and a handful of strawberries or blueberries, whipped up in the blender.

6 A handful or two of whole grain cold cereal.

5 Things you Probably Never

Thought to Put in Your Lunch Bag

1 An already-baked potato or sweet potato (great re-heated or cold).

2 A container of air-popped popcorn.

3 A grapefruit (peel it like an orange).

4 An ear of last night's cooked on the cob.

5 A giant hippopotamus (if you're out of hippopotami, a red bell pepper will do).

Calorie-Cutting Mixes

Cut your: With:

1 Orange Juice . . . . Seltzer 2 Peanut butter . . . . Mashed banana

3 Mayonnaise . . . . Mustard

5 Easy Side Dishes

1 Potatoes cut into bite-size wedges, skin-side down at 400 [degrees] for an hour and sprinkled with your favorite spice.

2 Black beans, right out of the can, heated (try them

with rice).

3 Fresh broccoli or asparagus, microwaved for three minutes in a covered glass bowl with a little water at the bottom, then sprinkled with lemon juice. Or acorn squash, cut in half and topped with cinnamon, microwaved in a covered glass bowl for seven minutes.

4 Some chopped tomato added to a package of thawed frozen corn and tossed with a little black pepper and balsamic vinegar.

5 Vegetables and garlic sauteed in a little olive oil and soy sauce, mixed with a cooked pasta like rigatoni. Or drop the soy sauce and top with a sprinkling of grated parmesan.
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