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Just no logic in decision to sell wor Kevin.


Paul Dixon has been following Newcastle United for more than 35 years, 17 of which have been as a season ticket holder in the Gallowgate End at St James' Park. Each week in his column, he takes a wry look at all things football - from a black-and-white perspective.

AFTER the brief euphoria of last week's arrival, there was the surprise of Kevin Nolan heading south, both physically and in a footballing sense.

Good luck to him, but I see no logic of the move except to shovel some more loot into the bank.

The Ba and Marveaux deals left me with mixed feelings.

Both look decent players, but both cost nowt, which increases the suspicion the pounds 35million from selling Andy Carroll is being spread very thinly. They both also continue an old Newcastle tradition of either arriving with a sick note or an 'excused games' note from two previous clubs.

Pardew said we would be excited by them, by 'we' I assume he means the accountants at the Nuffield.

Still, must not condemn before viewing, I suppose.

It does seem the old guard who ran the dressing room is being eased out. Ashley seems to be reversing the principle of President Johnson who, when questioned about the wisdom of keeping J Edgar Hoover said: "I would rather he was in the tent p-ing out, than outside p-ing in".

All dissent appears to be being ruthlessly crushed, from the singing section to the players.

In Nolan's case, while the fee will come in handy - and we might replace him as a player - what we cannot replace cheaply is his status among the rest of the squad.

He was an iconic figure who drove better performances out of those around him and was a genuine fans' favourite. There are no logical successors. The likely departure of Jos Enrque, is the worst-kept secret since the last North Korean election results.

I get the feeling he has always wanted to go. He could be joined in the departures lounge by Sideshow Bob, leaving only me to carry the Toon mantle for sensible hair styles.

I hope to be proven wrong, as we appear to be working on the principle of revolution rather than evolution - enjoy the ride.

A brief comment about the splendid scenes of anguish at Villa Park from the charmless, graceless nerks who jeered our relegation. Who's your McMessiah now, lads? Up to last week, the only manager who had not knocked you back was Norman from my local Co-op. Look on the bright side, though, it will not take you long to get to Brighton and Reading from where you are.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 21, 2011
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