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Just look at the alternative rulers.

If you took letters to the Chronicle as your guide, Labour would be trailing miles behind the Tories in the opinion polls and facing a drubbing at the next General Election.

In reality, Labour has a comfortable lead in the polls and is hot favourite to win the election.

So why the discrepancy? One answer might be that readers only write in to the Chronicle when they are boiling mad with the Government. Another might be that, while a lot of people grumble about the present Government, they have even less time for the current opposition.

Certainly, while I see a lot of letters about Tony Blair in local newspapers, I can't ever recall seeing one that had anything positive to say about Michael Howard or the Tories!

Labour has its critics but they have presided over a strong economy and have invested substantially in education, nursery places and the NHS. Meanwhile, the Opposition seems to have nothing to offer but

grumbling and negativity.

JOHN BOURN, Gateshead.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 20, 2005
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