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Just joking.

WajBro, the mans man, the ladies man, the man of action, the man who knows his firearms, the man who can survive, nay, thrive in the wilderness, wrestling bears therein if he has to or if hes lonely. Well, amongst all those very true things, the fellow also fancies himself a bit of a wit.

A raconteur with enough zingers in him to get everyone in stitches more stitches than the aforementioned bear. On twitter, what was an innocuous comment from someone bemoaning how Bangladesh just launched a communications satellite while we in Pakistan we still debating the role of the khalai makhlooq.

Replying to this, our man wrote Hey. At least were good looking.

This led to a pretty big fallout on twitter, with the fellow saying that this was all satire. This newspaper knows the pitfalls of satire, what with running a parallel satirical outfit, The Dependent.

The problem here is that some bits of satire are just in bad taste. Secondly, given how much of the Pakistan militarys Kool-Aid the fellow has imbibed, one wonders whether it actually was satire.


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Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:May 17, 2018
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