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Order-to-Go: A New Trend in Law Libraries. Boedigheimer, Amber May 1, 2020 1259
BOOSTING EFFICIENCY WITH A KANBAN PLAN. Harris, Andrew M. Mar 1, 2018 2997
Digitize your to-do list: a librarian's introduction to KanbanFlow. Evans, Rachel May 1, 2017 2025
Simulation Approach for Analysis of the Inventory Capacity for Filling and packaging Plants. Kukushkin, Ilya; Zavrazhina, Alina; Grabenweger, Johann; Katalinic, Branko; Haskovic, Damir Report Jan 1, 2017 2880
Shelf bins help kanban principles go small scale. Specter, Sara Pearson Editorial May 1, 2012 395
Some benefits of JIT application on the assembly line in manufacturing industry. Stoianovici, Gabriela-Veronica; Budica, Razvan; Ghionea, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2010 1630
Training. Southworth, Tom Jul 1, 2009 942
Just-in-time supply within the frames of virtual enterprises. Banyai, Agota Report Jan 1, 2009 1991
Kanban. Southworth, Tom Jan 1, 2008 1700
Stored parts make it just-in-time. Oct 15, 2005 428
Implementing JIT purchasing: does the level of technical complexity in the production process make a difference? *. Kaynak, Hale Mar 22, 2005 9674
An exploration of the links between just-in-time manufacturing and simultaneous new product development. Meybodi, Mohammad Z. Jan 1, 2005 6903
Functional analysis of cell production system as just-in-time manufacturing. Takakuwa, S.; Ichikawa, H.; Miwa, K. Report Jan 1, 2005 1086
Automotive answers the "made-to-order" call: automotive supply chains require agile materials handling systems that can respond quickly and efficiently to meet today's build-to-order demands. May 1, 2004 2650
A JIT health care system. (Comments). Jul 14, 2003 752
E-marketplace evolution. Apr 10, 2002 1498
Collaboration in practice: Hewlett-Packard. Brief Article Apr 10, 2002 725
Just-In-Time: Revisiting a popular management technique. Petersohn, Henry Mar 1, 2002 2500
Further evidence on the extent and origins of JIT's profitability effects. Kinney, Michael R.; Wempe, William F. Jan 1, 2002 11600
Partnerships predominate. FEARE, TOM Brief Article May 15, 2001 781
Innovative Actions to Control Inventory. Margison, Ted Sep 1, 2000 2596
Introducing JIT Manufacturing: It's Easier Than You Think. Beard, Luciana; Butler, Stephen A. Sep 1, 2000 2524
'Lean' Manufacturing Offers Remedy to Spare-Parts Crisis. Ruffa, Stephen Sep 1, 2000 1519
Techniques for Obtaining High Performance in Java Programs. KAZI, IFFAT H.; CHEN, HOWARD H.; STANLEY, BERDENIA; LILJA, DAVID J. Sep 1, 2000 15472
The 1999 Report on the American Workforce. Klein, Deborah P.; Devens, Richard M. Jr. Oct 1, 1999 1645
Transfer pricing strategies and lot sizing decisions. Bolander, Steven F.; Gooding, Carl W.; Mister, William G. Jun 22, 1999 4924
Alphabet soup: good for you or an indigestible stew? Ogan, Pekin; Heitger, Les Mar 1, 1999 5754
Carrier reduction: impact of logistics performance and interaction with EDI. Larson, Paul D. Dec 22, 1998 4560
Semi-automated system begins shift to JIT. Apr 1, 1998 1743
Fully automated system achieves true JIT. Apr 1, 1998 1558
Simulation optimizes JIT system design. Cover Story Sep 1, 1997 1867
A comparative analysis of inventory costs of JIT and EOQ purchasing. Fazel, Farzaneh Jul 1, 1997 4144
Missing parts. McCullough, Jack; Mathews, Ryan Column May 1, 1997 573
Trade-off between maximizing throughput rate and minimizing system time in kanban systems. Andijani, A. May 1, 1997 3841
Just-in-time management and transportation service performance in a cross-border setting. Stank, Theodore P.; Crum, Michael R. Mar 22, 1997 5762
Just-in-time and logistics in global sourcing: an empirical study. Das, Ajay; Handfield, Robert B. Mar 1, 1997 5738
Everything old is new again: reaching the limits of INDOPCO's future benefits with the just-in-time management philosophy. Walberg, Glenn Mar 1, 1997 22425
Simulation analysis of maintenance policies in just-in-time production systems. Savsar, Mehmet Mar 1, 1997 3512
New trends in parallel machine scheduling. Lam, Kokin; Xing, Wenxun Mar 1, 1997 5806
Inventory management of repairable service parts for personal computers: a case study. Ashayeri, J.; Heuts, R.; Jansen, A.; Szczerba, B. Dec 1, 1996 8462
JIT II: a purchasing concept for reducing lead times in time-based competition. Pragman, Claudia H. Jul 1, 1996 3140
Trends in inventory management. Illustration Jul 1, 1996 92
Sec. 174: "just in time" for deducting costs of developing new or improved manufacturing processes. Lee, Andrew B. Jul 1, 1996 632
A study of US machine shops with just-in-time customers. Wisner, Joel D. Jul 1, 1996 4549
Understanding the use of just-in-time purchasing in a developing country: the case of Mexico. Lawrence, John J.; Lewis, Holly S. Jun 1, 1996 9008
A comparative study of line design approaches for serial production systems. Chakravorty, Satya S.; Atwater, J. Brian Jun 1, 1996 6892
Synchronizing demand and supply. Goddard, Walter E. Column May 1, 1996 397
The impact of supplier proximity on JIT success: an informational perspective. Wafa, Marwan A.; Yasin, Mahmoud M.; Swinehart, Kerry Apr 1, 1996 3777
The benefits and costs of JIT sourcing: a study of Scottish suppliers. Waters-Fuller, Niall Apr 1, 1996 6640
Automated JIT based materials management for lot manufacture. Jina, Jay Mar 1, 1996 5276
An empirical examination of factors influencing JIT success. Yasin, Mahmoud M.; Wafa, Marwan A. Jan 1, 1996 2534
Business process re-engineering: lessons from operations management. Armistead, Colin; Harrison, Alan; Rowlands, Philip Dec 1, 1995 4822
Henry Ford's just-in-time system. Wilson, James M. Dec 1, 1995 8809
Editorial. Fojt, Martin Nov 1, 1995 435
Employee reactions to JIT manufacturing practices: a two-phase investigation. Mullarkey, S.; Jackson, P.R.; Parker, S.K. Nov 1, 1995 7600
Spreadsheet simulation to aid capacity management of batch chemical processing using JIT pull control. Ezingeard, Jean-Noel; Race, Peter Oct 1, 1995 2681
Can pallet changers cure JIT/short-run headaches? French, Ivan Oct 1, 1995 1252
Just-in-time inventory management: implementation of a successful program. Epps, Ruth W. Sep 22, 1995 4279
Just-in-time implementation in the Scottish electronics industry. Mould, Gill; King, Maureen Sep 1, 1995 4621
A case study: lessons from the progressive implementation of just-in-time in a small knitwear manufacturer. Mazany, Pete Sep 1, 1995 6459
Technical note: safety mechanisms in just-in-time systems. Olhager, Jan Sep 1, 1995 1410
A planning model for just-in-time batch manufacturing. Houghton, Erne; Portougal, Victor Sep 1, 1995 6982
Labor stability and flexibility - conditions to reach just-in-time. Dahlem, Per; Ericsson, Johan; Fujii, Hiroshi Sep 1, 1995 7337
Optimal scheduling of just-in-time purchase deliveries. Mukhopadhyay, Samar K. Sep 1, 1995 4988
A DEDS model for a serial pull system and an analysis of material movements. Li, Shanling; Qi, Ershi Sep 1, 1995 7214
The optimal number of kanbans in a manufacturing system with general machine breakdowns and stochastic demands. Yan, Houmin Sep 1, 1995 5677
An analysis of line-stop strategy in just-in-time manufacturing. Shin, Dooyoung; Min, Hokey Sep 1, 1995 4947
JIT quality matrices for strategic planning and implementation. Prasad, Biren Sep 1, 1995 8769
Comparative analysis of group scheduling heuristics in a flow shop cellular system. Leu, Bor-Yuh; Nazemetz, John W. Sep 1, 1995 5795
On the design of generalized kanban control systems. Frein, Yannick; Mascolo, Maria Di; Dallery, Yves Sep 1, 1995 12937
Using two object-oriented modelling techniques: specifying the just-in-time kanban system. Ling, Sea; Durnota, Bohdan Sep 1, 1995 4299
Appraisal of JIT using financial measures. Pandya, K, Vinodrai; Boyd, J. Sep 1, 1995 3636
Implementation and utilization of a decentralized storage system: costing model. Sargent, Tiffany A.; Kay, Michael G. Sep 1, 1995 3780
Just-in-time purchasing and supply: a review of the literature. Waters-Fuller, Nall Sep 1, 1995 7930
An integrated JIT inventory model. Banerjee, Avijit; Kim, Seung-Lae Sep 1, 1995 3574
Use of simulation in the design of a JIT system. Welgama, P.S.; Mills, R.G.J. Sep 1, 1995 4522
Is price-quantity discount dead in a just-in-time environment? Gupta, Omprakash K.; Kini, Ranjan B. Sep 1, 1995 3645
Deductibility of just-in-time manufacturing costs. Sep 1, 1995 1765
Defining critical elements in JIT implementations: a survey. Zhu, Zhiwei; Meredith, Paul H. Aug 1, 1995 5414
Implementing kanbans within high variety/low volume manufacturing environments. Stockton, D.J.; Lindley, R.J. Jul 1, 1995 4176
A study on just-in-time practices in Singapore. Hum, Sin-Hoon; Ng, Yong-Tjoon Jun 1, 1995 7755
JIT savings - myth or reality? Chhikara, Jitendra; Weiss, Elliott N. May 1, 1995 2773
Just-in-time manufacturing and logistical complexity: a contingency model. Funk, Jeffrey L. May 1, 1995 5080
An exploration of the components of JIT: case study and survey results. Spencer, Michael S.; Guide, V. Daniel May 1, 1995 3917
JIT and TQM: a case for joint implementation. Vuppalapati, Kiran; Ahire, Sanjay L.; Gupta, Tarun May 1, 1995 4111
A framework for the design of manufacturing strategy processes: a contingency approach. Mills, John; Platts, Ken; Gregory, Mike Apr 1, 1995 12922
The human aspects of JIT implementation. Storhagen, Nils G. Mar 1, 1995 7630
Current purchasing practices and JIT: some of the effects on inbound logistics. Vondermebse, Mark; Tracey, Michael; Tan, Chong Leng; Bardi, Edward J. Mar 1, 1995 5078
Better production: counterpoint defines JIT with every order. Feb 1, 1995 972
Do JIT lines perform better than traditionally balanced lines? Chakravorty, Satya S.; Atwater, J. Brian Feb 1, 1995 4633
Just-in-time and context: predictors of electronic data interchange technology adoption. Germain, Richard; Droge, Cornelia Jan 1, 1995 5804
The impact of JIT: a critical analysis. Peters, Michael H.; Austin, M. Jill Jan 1, 1995 4515
"We get parts to the right place at the right time." (just-in-time inventory management at Hewlett Packard)(part 1) Auguston, Karen Jan 1, 1995 1013
"How we produce printers on a JIT basis." (just-in-time inventory management at Hewlett Packard; includes related article)(part 2) Jan 1, 1995 1152
Turning production up or down. Lorincz, Jim Dec 1, 1994 1096
Continuous flow manufacturing. Hillson, Jack Oct 1, 1994 3488
Don't get buried by WIP queues! Goddard, Walter E. Aug 1, 1994 417
Boeing slashes costs and time with JIT. Forger, Gary Cover Story Aug 1, 1994 1090
'We do everything just-in-time at The New York Times.' (just-in-time manufacturing at news daily) Auguston, Karen A. Aug 1, 1994 757
Biesse's JIT tours earn high praise from leading North American woodworking firms. Jul 1, 1994 1968
Running with the pack; JIT & automation for small manufacturers. Phillips, Thomas E.; Ledgerwood, John R. Jun 1, 1994 1989
Just in time. Brewis, Tony Editorial Jun 1, 1994 753
Manufacturing: Chrysler/Jefferson North, Detroit, Mich. Apr 1, 1994 478
Customer/vendor relationships: true sharing? Kostika, Itzik Apr 1, 1994 651
Turret-based cells help JIT happen. Destefani, James D. Mar 1, 1994 1641
Chrysler makes JIT work with four AS/R systems. Forger, Gary Dec 1, 1993 985
How just-in-time can backfire. Kostika, Itzik Oct 1, 1993 754
Focus is key to stamper's success. Sep 1, 1993 449
"Handling reliability is a non-negotiable demand here." (Roller and belt conveyor systems key to just-in-time delivery system at Lear Seating) Gould, Les Sep 1, 1993 936
Determined distributor meets JIT demands. Auguston, Karen A. Aug 1, 1993 1377
Continuous improvement in supply chain management. Greenblatt, Sherwin Jun 1, 1993 2305
Key ingredients for successful implementation of just-in-time: a system for all business sizes. Tucker, Marvin W.; Davis, David A. May 1, 1993 4182
Not quite: just in time inventories. Johnson, Gene H.; Stice, James D. Mar 1, 1993 2445
Quick-change chuck anchors JIT cell. Feb 1, 1993 1029
Jeep puts JIT in high gear. Forger, Gary Jan 1, 1993 1759
Strike at GM points up JIT's risks, rewards. Nov 1, 1992 393
Are you ready for WCM? Brower, Edgar S. Jul 1, 1992 2054
Reduce packaging costs with reusable containers. Auguston, Karen A. Jul 1, 1992 581
Time-based competition: white-collar activities. Blackburn, Joseph D. Jul 1, 1992 3401
Machine cells meet JIT need. Lorincz, James A. May 1, 1992 2113
Modular fixturing puts JIT into machine maker. Miller, Paul C. May 1, 1992 1733
Annual report on productivity. Mar 1, 1992 2411
We love your product, but where is it? Kumar, Anil; Sharman, Graham Jan 1, 1992 6445
World class manufacturing in the US microwave industry. Ellowitz, Howard I. Jan 1, 1992 3170
Rethinking the manufacturing focus: an overlooked strategic tool. Haynes, Paula J.; Helms, Marilyn M.; Boothe, Robert S. Sep 22, 1991 2133
Storage system improves die changeover. Jul 1, 1991 868
Job shops in the JIT era. Rush, Jerry Jul 1, 1991 752
Towards paperless international trade: EDI and EDIFACT. Bellego, Alain Industry Overview Jul 1, 1991 4061
The just-in-time philosophy: a legacy of an obsession. Nataraajan, Rajan; Sersland, Daniel R. Jun 22, 1991 3455
Just in time is just right. Jacques, Steven Jun 1, 1991 946
Vertical carousels reduce picking time by 82%. Jun 1, 1991 1129
Technology is key to world class status. May 1, 1991 826
A modified MRP for a production system with the coexistence of MRP and kanbans. Fong-Yuen Ding; Ming-Nang Yuen Apr 1, 1991 3564
AT&T plant gears for just-in-time control. Conser, Rod Nov 1, 1990 863
Learn from a trailblazer, Toyota's Ono. Goddard, Walter E. Sep 1, 1990 453
Automatic data capture: key to quality. Bushnell, Rick Aug 1, 1990 512
AGVs for JIT led all uses last year. Jul 1, 1990 411
Education by example. Stasey, Robert; McNair, Carol J. Jul 1, 1990 468
Kanbans - avoiding the pitfalls. Goddard, Walter E. Jul 1, 1990 451
Beware: end of the month is coming! Goddard, Walter E. column Jun 1, 1990 469
Don't forget low-temp fundamentals when retrofitting high-tech coldstores. Apr 1, 1990 957
Caterpillar slashes lead times from weeks to days. Auguston, Karea A. Feb 1, 1990 1698
Storage trends: what the experts say. Dec 1, 1989 1156
How MRP II revitalized Raymond Corp. Quinlan, Joseph C. Oct 1, 1989 1040
Automated dock system enhances JIT operation. Jun 1, 1989 435
Faced with cold storage overcapacity, British PRWs gear up for big changes. Sawbridge, Ron Apr 1, 1989 675
"Our AS-RS delivers parts 1,500 miles away daily." (automated storage and retrieval system) Forger, Gary Mar 1, 1989 1278
A new way to rate your company's performance. Jan 1, 1989 1007

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