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Just how beautiful are our beautiful people; Dating website gives its verdict on 10 Scots celebs.


IT'S billed as one of the most exclusive clubs in the country... a dating agency strictly for stunners.

Beautiful People.Net is exactly what it sounds like - an organisation only for the good-looking.

Launched in Denmark, the website hit the UK last week.

Wannabe members put their photo on the site which is rated by existing members. After three days anyone with an approval rating under 50 per cent is rejected.

We decided to test just how beautiful the so-called 'Beautiful People' really are and enrolled 10 Scots celebs on both the UK and Danish sites. Beauties Kirsty Gallacher and Kirsty Hume and film hunk Ewan McGregor got red hot ratings across the board.

Big Brother beauty Shell Jubin scored 60 per cent with the Danes, the same as TV presenter Carol Smillie.

But, despite his saucy romps in Casanova, actor David Tennant - who will be the new Dr Who - was rejected. As was firebrand chef Gordon Ramsay. Both got only a 10 per cent vote from the Danes.

Busty GMTV star Lorraine Kelly was a hit with British men but a huge miss with the Danes.

Anyone rejected - and that's 90 per cent of applicants - is told to try again, with a new photograph.

Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful People's UK website, said: 'The site can be used for dating, making work contacts or even finding a flatmate.

'Members get invited to parties, can email each other or get in touch through our web forums. The UK site is pretty new but if the trial period is anything to go by we should be at least as successful as the Danish site.

'We've had feedback of seven weddings between members in Denmark and there are bound to be more we've not heard about.'

Although mostly used as a dating website, Beautiful People is also finding its niche as a professional networking tool.

Members can upload a portfolio of pictures, useful for those trying to get spotted as models or wanting work as film extras. Since its launch, the UK site has had more than 500 applications a day.

Greg said: 'You get so many applications which will never make it but we try not to hurt people's feelings. Looks are not everything because you get the chance to write a profile which might persuade people to vote for you'You tend to find that the men rate women pretty much on their photo, while women are more influenced by the profile.'

The first Beautiful People site was set up in Denmark two years ago by Robert Hintze, Kasper Lousen and Kasper Hjorth.

They had tried internet dating but found most dates disappointing and wanted to meet genuinely attractive women.

Hintze said: 'Beautiful people want to meet beautiful people - but no one dares say it


The official 'Beautiful Person

FORMER model Richard Russell, right, joined Beautiful People as a founder member.

Richard, 26, of Edinburgh, who has a degree in physics and mathematics and runs his own communication company, uses the alias Poocha on the site.

He said: 'When a friend told me about the site I posted my picture then went away for the weekend and forgot about it.

'I didn't realise you could check your progress as people rate you, so in a way I was spared the tension.

'Since becoming a member I have attended a couple of Beautiful People events and met some really nice people.

'I travel a lot for business so have to make the most of my spare time and there's no point spending it with people you don't find attractive.

'In an ordinary club there would perhaps be just one per cent of women who I would find attractive but with Beautiful People the ratio is much higher.

'I've not been out on a date with anyone yet but there are a lot of possibilities and I will definitely make some new friends through the site. When you see a picture of someone wanting to join you have to be quite ruthless and you do wonder if you're hurting people's feelings.

'But if they don't fulfil the criteria they're not going to fit in and there are lots of other dating sites where they have more chance.

'I think like attracts like and if people consider you attractive, you're likely to want to date someone equally attractive. When judging I go by the picture.'

#Check out to see for yourself


Kirsty Gallacher

1050100# British website - 80% Yes1050100# Danish website - 90% Yes

Kirsty Hume

1050100# British website - 80% Yes1050100# Danish website - 75% Yes

Shell Jubin

1050100# British website - 80% Yes1050100# Danish website - 60 % Yes

Carol Smillie

101050100# British website - 50% Yes1050100# Danish website - 60% Yes

Lorraine Kelly

101050100# British website - 55% Yes101050100100# Danish website - 10% No

Ewan McGregor

10105010050# British website - 80 % Yes10105050100# Danish website - 65% Yes

Cameron Stout

10105010050# British website - 45% No101050100# Danish website - 45% No

Gordon Ramsay

1050100# British website - 30% No1050100# Danish website - 10% No

David Tennant

1050100# British website - 10% No1050100# Danish website - 10% No

James McAvoy

101050100# British website - 10% No105050100# Danish website - 10% No


Net result: The club's website
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