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Just down the coastline to another world.

A tale of two beaches: Tel Aviv and Gaza

On July 25, 2015 The Washington Post carried an article by its Jerusalem correspondent, William Booth, on Israelis celebrating the one-year anniversary of Israel's war on Gaza. Booth's report was entitled, "A year after the Gaza war, good times are back on Tel Aviv's beaches." On July 26, 2015, Palestinian journalist Mohammad Omer, posted an article describing "The beach: Gaza's one lifeline."

No more than 44 miles apart, the beaches described by Booth and Omer are world apart, yet they are inseparably and perversely linked.

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Life as a 30-year-old single woman in Egypt

The whole world makes you believe something metaphysical is going to happen right when the clock hits midnight announcing the end of your twenties and the beginning of a new era of adulthood, seriousness and pretty much grimness. But the truth is, when it was 12 a.m. on July 6, I didn't turn into a different person, it was all me with my very same hopes and fears.

Being a single woman turning 30 in Egypt is not particularly the easiest thing that could happen to you, not with everyone taking the liberty of interfering with your life, either by asking you straightly "how come you're not married until now?", or "nothing new?" accompanied by a wink.

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Anniversary of a coup: an Iranian odyssey

Today, Iran marks 62 years since the coup that ousted Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Mossadegh, who led the Iranian government's campaign to nationalize the country's oil industry, was also the country's first democratically-elected leader. When Iranian military officials, backed by US and UK intelligence units, toppled Mossadegh, not only did they change the course of Iranian history -- playing a role in the mobilization of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 -- they also shifted geopolitics in the region for decades to come.

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Title Annotation:women in Egypt; works of William Booth; services of Mohammad Mossadegh
Date:Aug 20, 2015
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