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Q CAN you tell me anything about Phil Harris, the bandleader/ singer from the 40s and 50s? I remember him singing a song called I'm My Own Grandpa. - John McDonald, Knightswood, Glasgow.

A PHIL - born with the fantastic name Wonga Philip Harris in 1904 - began his musical career as a drummer in the States but formed his own band in the mid-1920s. He first shot to fame on the radio, originally as musical director on the Jack Benny Show, and later as part of a double act with his second wife, actress Alice Faye.

Their radio sit-com ran from 1948-54 and after the show ended Harris revived his musical career. His biggest successes were as a vocal artist in some of Disney's best-loved animated films.

He voiced Thomas O'Malley in The Aristocats, Little John in Robin Hood and - most memorably - Baloo the bear in The Jungle Book.

Harris, who was married to Faye for 54 years, died in 1995, aged 91. You can find the lyrics to the novelty song I'm My Own Grandpa by putting the title followed by the word lyrics into any internet search engine.

Q ON Kim and Aggie's How Clean Is Your House, they gave a tip for cleaning a washing machine of horrible smells but I've forgotten what it was. Can you help? - Mrs Syme, Alloa.

A A BAD smell from the washing machine has become more common since we started washing clothes at lower temperatures and using liquid detergents, which usually contain no bleach and allow bacteria to build up in the machine. I've no idea what Kim and Aggie recommended but I've been told the best solution is to switch to powder if you normally use liquids and do a regular "maintenance wash" - i.e. put the empty machine through a normal boil wash using powder.

Or you could try adding half a cup of white vinegar to the dispenser drawer as the machine is filling and running a boil wash.

Q ON a radio phone-in there was a question about which sport Julius Caesar played. The answer was cricket. Please explain. - Jim Peterson, by email.

A DID you think this would have me stumped Jim? Julius Caesar - not the Roman emperor obviously - was an all-rounder who starred for Surrey and England from 1849 to 1867.

In his 194 first-class games, he scored 4879 runs, including three centuries, and took 13 wickets for an average 23.62. His elder brother Fred was also a first-class cricketer.

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