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Just aSk! Posers and puzzles.

Where does the phrase Double Dutch originate? E. Melville, Brechin.

Used when someone is speaking in a manner that is difficult or impossible to comprehend, there are competing explanations for how the phrase Double Dutch came into being.

It is most likely linked to the fact that it was once Germans who were described as "Dutch", while people from the Netherlands were described as "Hollanders."

High Dutch was the language of southern Germany and Low Dutch was the language of The Netherlands, while Double Dutch was another phrase for High Dutch.

The phrase was first used in an American book dating from 1803, when someone fails to understand a man speaking Welsh.

It was also used to describe a secret language developed by slaves who were forbidden from learning to read, while sailors used the phrase to refer to a badlycoiled rope, resulting in the skipping rope game of the same name. The game inspired the 1983 Malcolm McLaren pop hit of the same name.

Can you give me some information on the actor William Edmunds? E. Callaghan, Glasgow.

Born Guillermo Bocconcini in San Fele, Italy in 1886, William Edmunds was an actor who made his name playing characters with thick European accents in the early days of Hollywood.

He appeared in the 1934 Bob Hope film Going Spanish, before relocating to Hollywood where he had roles in House of aSk! Frankenstein, Where There's Life and Double Dynamite. He had a small role in Casablanca and also played a bar owner in It's A Wonderful Life.

His early career included Broadway appearances in shows like The New York Story and Follies and he also appeared in the short–lived 1951 TV sitcom Actors' Hotel. He died in Los Angeles in 1981, aged 95.

Who is the footballer that features in the adverts for Sure deodorants shown on Sky Sports? C. McGowan, Stonehouse.

The adverts feature Andrew Henderson, the reigning World Freestyle Football Champion and the UK's freestyle champion for four years running.

The 22–year–old from Cornwall took up freestyle football after suffering a leg break five years ago and being told he wouldn't play the team sport again.

He has acted as a stunt double for top players in other adverts.


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