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Just Peachy.


Dark Peach Print

23/8 yards for blocks and border #2

Cream Solid

11/4 yards for blocks

Light Peach Tone-on-Tone

5/8 yard for blocks

Aqua Print

3/4 yard for blocks

Yellow Print

1 yard for blocks

Aqua Stripe

(13/8) yards for border #1 and binding

Backing 47/8 yards

Batting 82"x 82"


Dark Peach Print

8 strips 5"x 40" for border #2

9 squares (A) 71/4 71/4

18 squares (B) 37/8"x 37/8"

36 squares (C) 31/2"x 31/2"

Cream Solid

52 squares (B) 37/8"x 37/8"

3 squares l31/4"x 131/4"cut diagonally twice to yield 12 triangles [??] (D)

Light Peach Tone-on-Tone

4 squares (A) 71/4"x 71/4""

8 squares (B) 37/8"x 37/8"

16 squares (C) 31/2"x31/2"

Aqua Print

18 squares (B) 37/8"x 37/8"

3 squares 131/4"x 131/4"cut

diagonally twice to yield 12 triangles IS (D)

Yellow Print

8 squares (B) 37/8"x 37/8"

6 squares 131/4x 131/4" cut

diagonally twice to yield 24 triangles [??] (D)

Aqua Stripe

7 strips 3"x 40" for border #1

9 strips 21/2"x 40" for binding

The quilting motif is on the pattern sheet.

Simple stars appear when you combine these two easy blocks.

1 About This Quilt These easy-to-piece blocks create a secondary star pattern with careful color placement.

We recommend using a design wall or large flat surface for laying out your blocks.

2 Making the Flying Geese, Units and Blocks

Refer to "Fast Flying Geese" in Basic Lessons. Use dark peach A's and cream B's to make 36 Flying Geese l's as shown. Similarly, use light peach A's and cream B's to make 16 Flying Geese 2's.

Refer to "Triangle-Squares" in Basic Lessons. Pair 18 dark peach B's and aqua B's to make 36 unit l's. Similarly, pair 8 light peach B's and yellow B's to make 16 unit 2's.

Sew the Flying Geese, units and patches together as shown to make 9 block X's and 4 block Y's.

Join an aqua D, a white D and 2 yellow D's as shown to make a block Z. Make 12 block Z's.

3 Assembling the Quilt Center

Refer to the assembly diagram. Sew blocks together as shown to make 2 row 1's, 2 row 2's and a row 3. Sew the rows together as shown.

4 Adding the Borders Sew the border #1 strips together end to end. Refer to "Borders" in Basic Lessons to measure and trim the border #1 side strips. Matching centers and ends, sew the border #1 side strips to the quilt. Repeat to add the border #1 top and bottom strips.

Add border #2 in the same way as border #1.

5 Quilting and Finishing Refer to the quilting placement diagram. Mark the Cotton Sprig Quilting motif on the quilt as shown or plan to quilt without marking. Layer and baste together the backing, batting and quilt top.

Quilt the Cotton Sprig Quilting on the quilt surface as shown.

Bind the quilt.

Cindy LeBaron

Gilbert, AZ

color option


Finished Size: 74" x 74"

Finished Blocks: 12"

Christmas in July. / decided to get an early start on my holiday quilting this year by making Cindy's Just Peachy pattern with Christmas fabrics. I was most interested in seeing the larger star motif show up in my quilt so I used a saturated red dot fabric, carefully placed in certain Block l's, to make the large star motif stand out.

Anissa Arnold * QM Associate Editor
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