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Just Not Seeing It.

"What's Really behind Evangelicals' Climate Denial" by William Bradford Nichols (M/J 2019) mostly confirmed what I've thought for a number of years about the climate change denials and hostility from the Christian right, which is the tie to "end times" fantasies. What I don't understand (following their convoluted logic) is why they're so fearful of "the one-world government." They pray for the end times yet rail against the one-world government because it hastens the end times. What am I missing here?

Michael Hormel | Vassar, MI

The author responds: This question has bothered me since my deconversion. I believe the fear of the new world order (as described by Tal Brooke, Chuck Smith, and many others) stems from the supposedly violent and anti-Christian nature of it. Many believe that the Antichrist will make everyone get a mark on their forehead or wrist, and if they don't get the mark they'll be executed. Since the Bible specifically forbids Christians from accepting the "mark of the beast," (Rev 14:9-11) it follows that those being executed are mostly Christians.

That's the traditional Christian answer. However, I believe that the Christian nationalism Evangelicals and dominionists like Mike Pence have been espousing for decades also plays a part. Many believe that the US is a Christian nation founded upon Christian principles; ergo, Americans are a special people who are especially loved by God. Globalism is a threat to that perceived exceptionalism, hence the Christian conservative need for closed borders. It seems the real fear of globalism in Christianity is rooted in racism, xenophobia, and a fear of immigration.

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Hormel, Michael
Publication:The Humanist
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Date:Jul 1, 2019
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